Effective folksy beauty tips.

It may seem to be the topic for mums and grannies, but actually not only they may be interested. Nowadays we are surrounded by the promotion of new beauty products and some home beauty care things. They say that it’s an affordable option. And I don’t want to say that these methods are useful. There are some good procedures. But in the majority of cases it is just autosuggestion…

1. Tea bags from under eye dark circles.

Tea bags are really helpful in terms of getting rid of tiredness and swelling. But it’s not effective against dark circles. Dark circle is a change of colour in the under eye area. There are many factors which influence it: oxygen, genes, health condition, etc. And tea has nothing to do with it.

2. Soda prevents sweating.

If everything was that easy, no one would poison their bodies with deodorants. And if someone states that soda blocks unpleasant smell of salt, then I can draw two conclusions: it’s autosuggestion or the sweat isn’t smelly itself. In other cases soda won’t do any good to you.

3. Soda for teeth.

I don’t know the secret of soda’s popularity. But in case of teeth you will see the result. After first several usage your teeth will become whiter. But I strongly advise you against it! Because it terribly spoils the enamel. And you will be surprised how the progress of whitening will turn into regress. Enamel will disappear and your teeth will start getting darker from every sip of tea or coffee and in general of any food.

4. Sparkling water for washing your face.

Rumors has it that tap water is not the best one for washing our faces. Yes, it’s true. But is sparkling water a good replacement? If you want to change the quality of water, simply use the filter or ordinary mineral water.

5. Sour cream as a moisturizer.

You don’t want to buy cream? Well, sour cream is going to help you! But the thing is that sour cream isn’t made for skin. Sometimes we cut down on dairy in order to save the beauty of our skin, so why did we decide to apply it on our skin? It can moisture your skin, but not better than any cream or mask. And at least these beauty products are made for it!

6. Contract shower and cellulitis.

Cellulitis is a fluid accumulation in very zones. It happens because of many factors, such as nutrition, water, sleep, etc. So it is influenced by certain processes in our body
There are some external helpers, such as massage, brush, scrabs… In this case we have a direct contact with problematic areas. What does a temperature change do? Nothing. Yes, it improves blood circulation, but just as an addition to other points. Only shower itself won’t bring positive results.

7. Toothpaste against black spots.

I am revealing a secret right now. This method is effective due to the ability of paste to burn. It provides refreshing and soothing effect and makes an illusion of a clean face. But if you look at your face, you will see that black spots are still there. They can only become lighter and that’s it.

Have you tried any of these methods? Maybe you were naive enough to believe in all these things. Don’t forget to write some effective folksy methods which you now!


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