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I take care of myself and I take my health seriously. If you think that healthy and balanced eating is enough, you are wrong because it’s only the half of the way. Don’t forget about extra help to your body. Yes, we are going to take about vitamins. I will share with you the list of my favourite ones and I hope it will be useful for you.

1. Black cumin oil.

The main thing about the black cumin oil is it’s ability to influence gastrointestinal tract. If you read a little bit about it, you can decide that black cumin is universal and can heal all of your diseases. Of course it’s not true, but it’s wonderful for prevention of any diseases.

2. SAMe(s- adenosylmethionine).

It’s a substance which we have in our body. It participates in many biochemical reactions which are important for our joints. It is also perfect for vegans.


Has a positive impact on central nervous system. You may need it if you are constantly absent-minded, because this substance is responsible for concentration and attention. It is also a crucial element in the functioning of cardiovascular system.

4. Great plains bentonite.

It’s a supplement in the form of clay and the main function of it is body detox. In brief it works a clay and helps body to get rid of all toxic substances.

5. Garden of Life Oceans 3.

Everyone knows about the importance of Omega-3 for our body. Even if we eat a lot of avocados, salmon and other products, unfortunately it’s not enough. For our female hormones nutrition is not enough. Give yourself some additional support and take some Omega 3 capsules. When your hormones are imbalanced, it can lead to stress, early menopause and many other negative consequences. For sure we don’t need it.

6. Vitamin Code.

These are the multivitamins for women made of raw solid product. For their creation 23 organic fruits and vegetables are required. These vitamins are made without heat treatment and that’s why they are so unique. These vitamins don’t simply influence the hormones, they influence digestional system, hormonal system, cardiovascular system and breast.

7.Girkota Lusenka.

This is a real mirai for male and female body! It positively influences stomach and liver, dissolves kidney stones. They are good for diabetes prevention and can regulate blood sugar. It also helps to balance digestion and metabolism.

8. Lavender.

Lavender has become really popular recently, you can find it in many drinks, desserts,etc. Her usefulness for the body was discovered not long time ago. Of course, in order to experience it’s usefulness in the whole capacity, eating cake is not enough. Lavender works as antiinflammatory and anticonvulsant. The main function of lavender is influence on nervous system.

9. Magnesio&Potassio.

Potassium and magnesium are two of seven basic minerals, crucial for our body. They are responsible for such processes as the wholeness of the cells, mineralisation of the bones, synthesis of protein, immune system support and muscles contraction. People who eat unhealthy or unbalanced suffer from this problem. And even for prevention such elements can work perfectly well.

10. Magnesium Powder, Garden of Life, Dr.Formulated.

I also take these vitamins. I won’t go into details because we have already spoken about magnesium. Just think about this supplement as well, it can be a good magnesium source.

11. Oregano oil.

It contains precious vitamins A,C and E, and a whole bunch of minerals: calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, iron,manganese,copper. It also contains corvalol and thymol. The first one protects the body from infections, the second one boosts immune system and neutralise negative impact of toxins and helps healing the wounds. Antibacterial internals of this oil are super useful when it comes to fighting against pimples. It can prevent acne and normalise pores condition.

12. Propolis.

I am talking about simple propolis, made by bees, not about an artificially created one. What does it do to our body? It contains 59 different components and it’s hard to overestimate it’s usefulness. It contains provitamin A, B group vitamins, iron, zinc, calcium, manganese and silicon.

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