My favourite smoothie recipes.

What is smoothie?

Kind of a fashionable drink? Well, not really. If we compare freshes with smoothies, we will see that trend on smoothies is well deserved. They are way more useful and healthy. The difference between these drinks is in the amount of cellulose. The harm of juices was proven some time ago. It’s a pure sugar without all useful elements in fruits. But when we are cooking smoothies, we put whole fruits in the blender.

Today I am sharing with the recipes of my favourite ones. Summer is the best time to try all of them! 😉

Light smoothy.

It won’t fully replace a real meal. I am giving you the ingredients, feel free to combine them in the way you want. Apple/pear+carrot/beet+lemon/ginger. It’s very refreshing, but don’t drink it on the empty stomach! In this case you can get gastritis because of lemon and ginger.

Nourishing smoothie.

You can even have it as a replacement of a meal. It’s also a perfect option for people with sweet tooth. But don’t get overboard, natural sugar is still sugar. In order to make this drink we will use bananas, dates and almond milk. It’s a perfect combination. You can replace dates with another dried fruits, honey, etc. Mango or avocado will perfectly replace banana. You can also have this smoothie for breakfast if you add some oatmeal for complex carbohydrates.

Green smoothly.

I hear it a lot and from many different people – many of us don’t really enjoy greens. I recommend to add it to salads, but some people find it difficult as well. Greens are compulsory, we must have them in our menu! That’s why I have an interesting option for you: take your favourite products and mix them with a big amount of greens. You can take coconut water instead of ordinary water and add some berries to improve the taste. Add some honey, if the taste is really sour.

Cleansing smoothy.

Of course I am talking about cleansing the intestines. But when we get rid of toxins, it immediately reflects on our skin and the way we feel in general. Beet, pumpkin, prunes, dried apricots are perfect ingredients, but they are not really loved by people. We can try a different way – we can add flax seeds, it’s a treasure for the intestines. And it tastes great because of seeds.

Do you add smoothy to your daily menu? And how do you usually have smoothy – as a snack, or a main dish, or simply as a drink?


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