Mass market sail guide. How not to waste money?

The middle of summer. And it means that the discounts are on their peak! Of course, it’s not the end, because we will experience the same peak in the August. But let’s talk about it right now when summer clothes is still relevant. I would like us to discuss necessary and unnecessary purchases together with the bright examples from fashion catalogues. So, everything is going to be very informative.

So, what not to buy?

Before making the list of purchases, think what things you should avoid.

1. “Hot” trends. What do I mean by saying “hot”? Different categories of trends exist. One of them is just clothes which is relevant this season. It can be something neutral (nude, stripes, etc.) or something frankly alarming. And it’s obvious that they will last only one season (bike shorts, chokers, etc.). Buying them is pointless.
It’s ok if you have nothing against wasting money on something that will last a month.

2. Clothes which doesn’t suit you. Here comes a logical question – what’s the point of buying unsuitable clothes? Yes, we did it sometimes and thought something like “I will fix it, change it, etc”. But don’t buy things if you are not going to fix or change something. And keep it in mind that taking clothes to the atelier will also cost you some money.

3. I also advise you against buying such accessories as bags in mass market. Especially on sales. And if you do it, check the condition of clothes or accessories.
You may think that I am strongly against sales. But it’s not true! I really believe that sales is a good opportunity to find a good value for money.

What do we buy?

1. Basis.

On the one hand our wardrobe is full of basic clothes, on the other hand it’s never enough. So, I recommend you to check your wardrobe and see what exactly is missing. I won’t go into detail because I had many articles on this topic. You can read them if you want. I won’t attach any pictures because we all know how basic things look like.

2. Clothes which you always need.

I am not talking abou street style. That’s what I mean…


Here we go. It’s a simple T-Shirt with minimalistic writing on it from Pull&Bear catalogue. The price is acceptable, but with the discount you can buy several T-shirts and use them differently. They are good everywhere – at home, for exercises and even for sleeping.

3. If you are going somewhere.

Not all of you, but still many of you are going to visit summer countries in winter. If you have such an opportunity, it means that your summer is not fully over. In such case don’t forget about swimsuits or dresses. And you will thank yourself in future, when there will be no summer clothes on the counters.


This is an example of things which can really help you out when you are on a vacation. I didn’t google swimsuits because there is always an opportunity to buy them somewhere, but the dresses will disappear or will cost an arm and a leg in the Internet Shops. This Mango dress isn’t really a basic one, but it’s also not an ultra trendy one. This winter it’s still going to be relevant.

4. Cold season clothes.
Right now the price of this clothes is very cheap. But people don’t buy it because it’s summer time. But in one month and a half the summer will be over and you will already have good clothes for a good price.


As an example, you can buy a universal and basic hoody from Zara catalogue. It’s price right now is only 400 hrivnas. And it’s original price is 1000. So, hurry up! You can find a plenty of things and you can buy warm clothes in advance)

So, what do you buy first when you see huge discounts? Trends which were very expensive couple of months ago? Or you choose things wisely?

Your Yuli

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