The difference between mass market and lux.

Some people visit only lux shops, but the majority can’t afford it on regular basis. And the other can spend all the money they have on the last lux trend. Who is right? Well, tastes differ and opinions differ. But I would like to keep you updated and present my view from inside of this industry.


Mass market:
-Affordable prices
-Big choice
-Sometimes good quality

-An opportunity to sell it

Brand is a questionable thing. For some people it matters but it doesn’t really influence the usage of the thing.


When it comes to quality, we can’t state for sure that lux equals amazing quality. Just like any other thing, brand clothes can loose the cool very fast. And, vice versa, you can find an amazing clothes item in the mass market segment and wear it for ages.


When you wear lux clothes, you have almost a zero chance to meet someone wearing the same item. But this chance is almost 💯 when you buy something in the standard mass markets. It depends on the circles surrounding you. High brands usually produce very outstanding clothes and in the minimal amount.

And when you get tired of the clothes, the brand can help you to se if for a good price to the second hand or to the person. It’s like a home bank which consists of clothes. But no one will do the same for the shirt from the shopping mall.


Why so expensive? I will explain. Lux clothes is exclusive! It’s not just a beautiful word. They are produced by the certain person and sometimes, especially if we speak about Haute couture,for a concrete person. For a concrete size and only one copy. So, the exclusivity is the reason for such high price.

Conclusion: buy clothes where you want. But it should be affordable. It makes no sense to limit yourself in comfort or development in other life spheres in sake of buying the shirt of the specific brand and flexing. Only if the option is appropriate and affordable for you.

Your Yuli

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