Be your own nutritionist. Let’s make food intake.

We all know the products which fill the products basket of the proper nutrition fan. Vegetables, fruits, porridges, etc. Unfortunately, this information is not enough for creating a well balanced nutrition. Because we need to eat right products at the right time, we need to combine them wisely and know the amount of product we need. You can google this information and surf the internet. You can also simply go to the nutritionist and he will write the menu for you. But you won’t need to do both things.)

Today I will try to explain in a simple and short way how your nutrition should look. With the help of this information you will be able to create the menu by yourself and according to your tastes!

Everyone knows three main components of healthy nutrition: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Every component is responsible for specific thing and function. And the right correlation of them is 30/20/50. It means that you can choose what to eat and create this correlation in your menu. I will give some examples.

The sources of vegetable fats are oil, seeds, avocado, nuts and bitter chocolate. Animal fats can be found in cheese, butter and egg yolk.
Now proteins. Pasta, pulses (pea, bean, lentils, etc.), tofu cheese, soy milk, soy cheese and some groats (buckwheat, kinoa) can nourish you with vegetable protein. Animal protein you can get by eating meat, fish, dairy products (especially cottage cheese). Carbohydrates or carbs can be of two types – simple and complex. Honey, fruits and dried fruits are the best examples of simple carbs. Macaroni, groats and wholegrain bread are complex carbs.

So, let’s start with the morning. Breakfast is a compulsory meal.

Don’t skip it like many people do. If you skip it, you can snap and it something harmful during the day. It’s better to have a healthy meal at home. In the morning our body requires all three components to feel full as long as it’s possible. I mean oatmeal is not enough, even though many people think that it’s useful. Probably, you will feel hungry soon. You need to add fats and proteins. For example, nuts or eggs. Or you can boil the oatmeal on milk and add some seeds. And don’t limit yourself with oatmeal. There is a plenty of other groats. Try different things! For those who don’t like sweet breakfasts there is another option – eggs, bread, cheese, avocado…

Lunch should be the most filling meal.

Take any protein source and add groats or vegetables as a garnish. If you are a vegan, don’t forget about vegetable protein.

Dinner should be really light.

And again protein is required. I wouldn’t recommend you to eat red meat before you go to sleep. The best options are vegetables or fish. Vegetable salad is better than potatoes because it is not so rich in calories.

Snack is a debatable topic.

Some people think that three meals a day is more than enough, others support many small meals during the day. I think that it depends on your comfort. If you are used to big portions, snacks will only add you calories. For others snack is a good opportunity to fill up energy level. In any case chocolate or cookie isn’t a best snack. But nuts or dried fruits can be a healthy snack.

Was this article useful for you? Now you know that healthy nutrition can be versatile and not boring. Share this article with your friends for them to know that healthy menu contains more things than just greens and kefir.


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