Leather – one of the main trends of 2019!

To be honest, I was planning to write this article in the end of September – or in the beginning of October. Maybe not so late, but still… But when I saw what kind of weather we have right now, I decided that there is no sense in postponing this discussion. You may need this information right now!

Today I will show you a couple of different looks and share with you how to combine leather with other clothes and create new interesting looks.

1. Leather skirt.

The easiest way to make leather the part of your wardrobe is to buy leather skirt. Let’s start with simple things. This option is good for office, shopping and going for a walk. And this is the benefit of this wardrobe item. It’s not frankly alarming, but still allows you to be trendy and add something relevant to your look and style.

2. Leather trousers.

You may think – what’s the difference? Skirt and trousers. But, actually, there is a difference. Trousers are considered to be an option for brave ladies. With enough of experience and with your desire, you can find the trousers, which will look quite moderate.

3. Outerwear.

Of course, an outerwear is a good option for autumn, but who said that you need to wear leather all day long? If you want to add an interesting detail to your look, use leather outerwear. I agree that lots of people are tired of simple and banal leather jackets. That’s why I offer you to look at tranch coat and cloak! As you remember, tranch coat was super trendy last season. This season it will be made of leather! A perfect option for the office!

4. Classic variant.

Do you understand that I am talking about traditional leather jacket? Even when I say that it’s boring, I know that it will always be on my list of heavy favourites. Because, in fact, it’s the most convenient option. It will keep you warm and make your look fresh and daring. You can wear it with everything: dress, skirt, jeans, really, you can combine it literally with everything! I even think that it’s not a trend, but a part of basic wardrobe.

5. Total leather look.

Some people don’t know how to add something leather to the whole look, the others want all at once! I need to say that it will be very relevant in the upcoming season to wear leather jacket with leather pants and maybe something else. The more the better. But always keep in mind that you need to know how to combine it wisely.

6. Jumpsuits.

For those who don’t like overthinking on what to wear there is a great thing – jumpsuit! You don’t need to do anything special. You should just wear readymade total leather look. It looks feminine, elegant, but also daring and cool at the same time.

I know that many people don’t like that fashion goes in circles and repeats itself. But my opinion is – first of all every time appears something new and makes even old trends look fresh. Also don’t forget that some sustainable and acceptable methods of leather production exist and there is no need for violence against animals.

So, what’s your attitude towards leather? Which variant of leather look would you like to wear?


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