Who is a stylist and how to become this guy? Let’s talk about professions…

I decided that clothes is not the only possible discussion topic. Even in the fashion world. Because fashion is such a varied and interesting industry. Would you like to look at it from inside? Let’s start with the profession of stylist…

Who is a stylist?

In simple words it’s a person who creates a look of another person. Starting with hairstyle and ending with shoes. Using different ways and methods, he can visually turn one person into someone totally different. It may seem weird, but this profession appeared long time ago. In the past, in the times of kings and tsars.

What kinds of stylists exist?

With the flaw of time, this profession has become more and more varied and serious. Stylists right now are divided according to the spheres they work at.

Stylist-make-up artist.

The main task of this person is to create everything that is needed with the help of makeup. He also needs to have an ability to fully transform the face of the person with the help of makeup. He really reminds an artist creating his picture. But he makes his masterpiece on somebody’s face without doing any harm to the existing face. Because this job is not only about applying your creative abilities, but also about being tender and careful with the skin. Such person needs to know how to find the right skincare products. It’s a very responsible branch of stylistics, I would say.


In this case everything is pretty much clear. This job is all about hairstyles. Stylist will find the right hairstyle for you according to your type and shape of the face. He will also help you with the hair care


This branch is directly connected with the clothes. Such professionalist knows a lot about body types, color types, etc. He will find the clothes for you by studying you. He won’t simply help you with one look, he will help you to create a wardrobe from scratch. If you haven’t decided and chosen your style yet, you can address a stylist and he will solve this problem.
There is also a notion of a universal stylist. It’s a person who has all mentioned above skills. The best thing is to become such stylist. The more things you can do, the more competitive you are on the market!

Stylist doesn’t simply help people in their everyday lives by creating a constant look or image. Sometimes he needs to create a special look for the photosession or special event.

How to become a stylist?

Just like with any other job, you need to study in order to become a stylist. But what specialization to choose? Here is the list of them:

-The art of make-up and stylistics
-Makeup artist-stylist

How much can you earn?

Well, the answer to this question depends on many things. There is no fixed price or salary. You can get millions or literally nothing for doing the same job. It really depends on luck and name. Hyped up stylists make more money than the novices. But you need to work a lot in order to get this sound name. The main advantage is that you can also get money from opening your own salons, studios or working on TV. And at those places people get paid a lot.

What else do you need?

Don’t forget that first of all stylist is a creative profession. It’s a real lifestyle. You need to love fashion and style with all your heart. You need to live in this world, be aware of the newest tendencies, be open to the experiments. Only in this case you can become a popular stylist with a sound name!

What others jobs are you interested in? Maybe the job of a model? Let me know. 😉

Your Yuli

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