Collagen is a protein that maintains youthfulness, elasticity, and the quality of our skin. But, unfortunately, buying a collagen cream is not enough. Or rather, not effective at all …

There are 3 types of collagen.

1st and 3rd types are responsible for tendons and muscles. In a nutshell, it’s responsible for everything what is inside. You may think: does it have something to do with the skin? But don’t forget that everything comes from the base. And it’s not just about clothes. For the skin to be in good condition, it needs to hold on to something. A high-quality frame is required.

Type 2 – this one is directly connected to the skin itself. It’s responsible for the number of wrinkles. It is also called chicken collagen.

Collagen peptides. (Hydrolyzed Collagen). It is necessary to simplify the assimilation of collagen for the body as much as it’s possible.And collagen peptides perform this function. Collagen Piptides are the basis for proper protein building. They are also the essential Antioxidants!

How to use?

Collagen comes into our body from animal products: eggs, red meat, cheese. If you are intolerant to meat in any way, but, if you have a normal attitude towards food products, I recommend bone broth. Such concentration of collagen and vitamins is not found anywhere else.

The situation is not beneficial for vegans, since it is impossible to get the norm of collagen in your nutrition. But do not forget about the existence of dietary supplements. Also pay your attention to such foods as spirulina and different types of algae.

Dietary supplements.

They are taken on an empty stomach. Do not mix with other products or with each other. I mean, types 1 and 3 should not be in one line with the second type. But your doctor will tell you more about this). I do not recommend taking collagen in this form, until you are 30 years old. If you have a balanced diet and good blood analysis results, your skin will be in the normal condition. Only external high-quality care will be enough.

Attention! You can eat a lot of healthy, collagen-rich foods without getting any good and benefit from it. The body assimilates everything in different ways and depending on many factors. You need to get tested and look at the results. But one thing I can say for sure: Sugar interferes with collagen absorption the most. So, there is one more reason to reduce its consumption.

Instead of looking for places where to get collagen from, think about saving your own, the one which you already have. Fake Medicaments Is A Crime Against Humanity

Your Yuli.

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