Main rules of etiquette. Part-2.

Today we will speak about the behaviour at the table. This situation is quite frequent. Here are 5 rules which will never make you look as a provincial girl.

1. Bag.

Where should you put your bag? Well, wherever you want, but not on the table. Some of you may think that small bags,for example clutches, can be an exception, but they are wrong. It’s not about size. Perfect thing to do is to hand your bag together with your upper clothes, but in some restaurants it’s hard to do because the hanger is really far. In this case put the bag on your knees. And I would recommend not to take a really big bag with you if you are going to the dinner. What for?

2. Cell phone.

The previous rule can relate to the phones as well. I understand that a few of you will follow this rule in everyday life, but don’t forget about it in some serious and cultured surrounding. Or simply try to get rid of the habit of putting the phone on the table, then you won’t need to keep it in mind all the time.

3. What to hold, where to hold, how to hold.

I won’t reveal any mystery, but the reminder may be useful for many of you. We hold a fork in the left hand and knife in the right hand. People usually don’t make mistakes here, but there is one nuance: hold the cutlery by the end. Maybe it’s not very convenient, but it doesn’t break the rules of the etiquette.

4. Leaving the table.

That’s life. And the fact that you got called or got a message is totally normal for a modern world. But the worst mistake you can make is to try doing everything “secretly” – trying to answer fast the message or speak on the phone quietly… Doing so is wrong! It’s way better to apologize, leave the table, do everything you wanted to and then come back. By doing it we exclude discomfort for yourself and your companion.

5. Hands.

This point of the list may seem to be a little bit “too much”, but the location of your hand during some cultured event is really important. Hiding your hands completely or demonstrating them too much are two extremes. The best thing to do is to keep your hands calm and visible.

Before commenting something like: “that’s too complicated, there is no need to go that deeply…” I will ask you to understand. I agree with you, we can relax when we are in the family circle or with friends. Everything depends on the surrounding and location. There is nothing wrong in answering the message while having a coffee with a friend. But when it comes to some serious events, people start to panic because they don’t have necessary etiquette information. So may this article be your memo for some particular cases. 😉


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