Fiber in our lives.

What is it actually?

“Some of the waste from food that is not even digested?” Many people are still convinced thag it’s true. And this underestimation of fiber can cause diseases and other unpleasant moments in people’s lives. Let’s talk about the importance of fiber!

What is it needed for?

Fiber is the thing removed from the body without being processed. But they manage to fulfill their vital functions while they are inside the body.

-Fills the stomach. Gives a feeling of satiety.
-Removes toxins from the body.
-Normalizes blood sugar levels.
-Prevents the occurrence of many diseases.

These are just the main points. But we all understand that from each of these points us connected with the whole branch of other positive aspects. For example, clean intestines, clean skin, etc. There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. We need both of them. Without any exception! And sticking to any diet that excludes carbohydrates is a terrible mistake.

What products contain fiber?

They are legumes, grains, fruits, and vegetables. I think that examples of products from each group are not needed. But there is one common feature — all these are carbohydrates. And it means that people who exclude carbs from their diet will not get necessary dose of fiber. And in the end they will get a lot of problems with the digestive tract and health in general.

How much fiber do you need?

It is recommended to consume 25 to 40 grams of fiber per day. The average person does not receive daily even a half of fiber he or she needs. And the reason is mainly snacks on the go.

What should we do?

Here are some recommendations on how to get the fiber you need in your daily life:

-Include vegetables in every meal.
-Exclude white bread and fast food from your menu.
-Replace white rice, pasta, buckwheat, etc. with their raw alternatives.
-Forget freshes and replace them with fruits.
-Add additional sources of fiber to your doet. An excellent option is flax seed. You can also buy fiber in powder form.

Just try to analyze how much fiber you have in your diet and you will immediately understand the cause of many problems. You can do this using any calorie tracking app. By the way, there is another rare occurrence: Too much fiber. There is a reason why the norm “max 40 grams” is indicated. Otherwise, you can also get a set of digestive problems.

There should be a measure in everything. You can’t exclude carbs completely, but it’s important not to consume too many of them. And of course, consume only healthy carbohydrates!

What’s your favorite source of fiber?

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