Makeup brushes. What, where, how? Full brushes guide.

I know that for many of you brushes don’t really matter and you simply use your fingers. Yes, you can confess in it. But if you want to be capable of doing really great make-up, then you will need to learn how to do everything more professionally!

What kinds of brushes exist? Well, there are many of them. Face brushes, lip brushes, eye brushes. But this knowledge is not enough…


Yes, this question may start bothering you: Why some brushes cost 100 hrivnas, but the others can cost more than 1000? Obviously the brand is a thing of a great importance. But don’t forget about quality.

Here are some signs of a good quality of the brush:

-Soft nap of the brush. Sometimes it can be so tough that it can damage the skin.
-Fiber should be attached to the handle
-When you buy brush, touch your hand with it. You will see whether you have or not the allergies to it and whether it can or can’t molt.

What are they made of?

Brushes usually can be of 2 kinds: natural and artificial.
1) Natural brushes are perfect of you are applying the powder.
2) Artificial brushes are mostly made for applying the foundation and other liquid textures.

Now I ask you to have a look at the pictures below. You will see why we need them.

1. Face.

– Foundation.
The brush is squeezed a little bit. It allows to have a thin layer coverage.

– Consealer.
What kind of difference can be there? Actually, there is a difficult. The texture of the consealer is thicker and the brush should correspond to it. It is thinner and can be used in a dotty way.

As you have probably already guessed, the brush is a volume one. It is very convenient when you are applying the dry texture such as powder and blushes. It is made of the natural fur.

– For cream brushes.
The brush which was mentioned before can be used for 2 purposes, but for cream texture you need to try a synthetical brush.

– For contouring.
For these purposes you will need thinner brushes. Which is clear. It is impossible to draw a nice neat line with the volume brush…

2. Eyes.

-For the eyeshadows.
They are flatter, because the work will be done in the small scale. The shape of the brush should remind a petal. There is a little bit more round version of it and it is good for the feathering.

-For the eye-lines.

– Very thin and synthetic! You can use one brush but regulate the wideness of the eye-line.

3. Brows.

Here we are getting really lucky, there is no variety. In the majority of cases it is just a thin brush with the beveled edge.

4. Lips.

Usually ladies use the lipstick or the brush in the lip gloss. But the professional approach is different and you may need a thick flattened brush.

Are you into this topic? Or you prefer to take what comes to hand?


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