How to brace yourself? Emotional state in the extraordinary situation.

We successfully discussed the questions about hygiene, safety and self-discipline during quarantine. But there is one more key moment we haven’t spoken about and which is of a huge importance. It is an emotional state!

According to statistics, the amount of cases of domestic abuse, suicide and other mental problems increased a lot. It is very sad, but unfortunately quite predictable. It’s hard to recall the period when literally EVERYONE found themselves in such a situation. And this situation doesn’t depend on us. And makes our psyche suffer.

I know the problems of many of you and I would like to give you some pieces of advice on how to keep your emotions under control.

1. Do something.

Boredom can cause negative thoughts. That’s a well known fact. I understand that it’s hard to organise yourself or to find the right pastime if you’re used to working offline and being around people. Just ask yourself: “What if there is no more work anymore?” It means that you can’t play truant! Grab this opportunity,look for other ways of self-realisation. You don’t need to graduate from university to master new skills. Think about the things you already know and think about the way you can apply these skills in the future. While you are busy, the quarantine may come to an end). Don’t give yourself time for degradation!

2. Distance in the relationships.

The problem of frequent quarrels is getting more popular. Believe me, that’s normal. You are not the only ones, especially taking into account the current situation. But we don’t know how long the quarantine will last, so we need to change something. The reason of conflicts is obvious. People are not used to being together in one place for such a long period of time. And even small thing can lead to a big scandal. It’s important to set some boundaries. In order not to get bored from each other, try to discuss your pastime. And divide this time into the one you spend together and the one you spend separately. There is nothing offensive about it. When this me time is given to every member of the family, aggression decreases.

3. Order.

Only order in the flat will help to keep some order in your thoughts. When everything is messy, the dishes is dirty, etc. you will feel chaotic in your own house.
The world is in the chaotic condition right now, so why should we make everything worse? Maybe you didn’t think about it before, but it’s time to understand now that your house should become the comfiest place for you.

4. Analysis of the situation.

Quite often when we are in panic we don’t understand what to do next. Usually it happens because we can’t estimate the situation objectively. Stop overreacting or dramatising. Just ask yourself some questions and give yourself answers. How long will it last? No one knows. But one day it will end for sure. What can I do under these circumstances? Are these conditions the worst I can find myself in? By the way, check out my article about the benefits of quarantine.

5. Relax.

Of course, productivity matters, but don’t be to tough on yourself and don’t imagine a quarantine as a challenge “Become another person”,”Get a perfect body”, “Get the job of your dreams”, etc. We hear these things everywhere and such thoughts make us feel at ease and not like in the cage. I am just reminding that you can have good and useful pastime at home. Simple rest is also important. Try to find the balance. And in this case your life will flow easily.

And now I have an important question for you: How is your mental health this month? What difficulties in mental health did you face with?


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