Home style. How to look stylish at home.

As promised, I am continuing my series of articles about quarantine and how to survive in it. I am reminding you that it’s all permanent, and we don’t need to loose hope. Because quarantine may be over, but the habit of wearing some random stuff will remain. So let’s not loose hope and feel confident 💯!

In order to get this confidence you need to think about the look of the clothing, it’s comfort and freedom of the movements.


Let’s start with the material. And then we will move to other details. Fabric should feel pleasant to your skin and body and be natural. It can be silk, cotton, satin, terry. These fabrics allow our skin to breathe.

Type of clothes.

Some people like something comfy and cute. The others like something sexy and open. I have ideas for both options.


Well, actually there are two kinds of these clothing items: bathrobes and dressing gowns. The function of the first ones is clear, but the second ones are not made to be worn 24/7. They can be used for a certain time in the morning and before sleep. I don’t recommend buying robes of the bright colours. There is a risk of getting tired of them really fast. It’s better to choose pastel colours.

Sport clothes.

There is no secret that sport clothes is not only for sport. You can combine sport and chic in streetsyle. And you can use it at home. But you need to remember that spots suit for gym and for being at home are two different things.


We are going to talk about slippers. They can be different. It’s getting warmer, so we won’t need huge slippers. Let’s see what we have for the upcoming season. It should be something nice for skin, made of such materials as cashmere, plush, velveteen, etc. Fabric obviously matters, but check how it fits your feet. You should feel comfortable!


So many people think that pyjamas is a perfect home outfit. But for the majority there is no difference between these two notions. Actually pyjamas are made for sleep! And you need to understand it, especially when we have quarantine. Why? Because being in the same clothes 24/7 can make you forget how to divide sleep from work and work from sport etc. And you can go wild because of it. You feel that you are not productive? Then get rid of the pyjamas!

Do you care about what you are wearing at home? Well, if you don’t, then it’s high time to think about it and pay attention to it! And what clothes are the most comfortable for you?


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