How to choose the right shoes for the cold season?

Have you already bought winter shoes? Yes, I agree, cold has come quite unexpectedly. That’s why this autumn but frosty day I will tell you how to make RIGHT choice of the shoes for upcoming season. We won’t discuss trends and fashion, we will talk about practicality!

1. Warmth.

We were told it since we were kids: “Warmth goes from your feet!” Were you told something like this? We are not kids anymore, but this statement is still relevant. There is no need to sacrifice your health because of beauty. The shoes should warm you, this is the main task. The shoes will keep you warm due to the material.
It can be:

– Natural fur.

This is the best option! You can refuse from natural fur while choosing the fur coat, but the situation with shoes is a little bit more difficult. Shoes made of natural materials will keep you warm even when it’s super frosty. And you feet won’t sweat due to the right breathability of the shoes.
But even natural fur can be divided into 2 categories: 💯 natural and stuffed fur. How to differentiate them? It’s simple! You can identify stuffed fur with the help of fiber. If you see some threads among them, it’s a stuffed fur.
The functionality of these shoes is the same. And if you live in the usual climate without really strong frosts, don’t overpay. And these shoes dry faster if they got wet.

– Artificial fur.

This isn’t the best option, let’s be honest. But there are some exceptions. So, let’s starting with the flaws.
1) Artificial fur isn’t really warm.
2) Your feet are going to sweat a lot.

And, your wet feet and frost are going to make a bar duo. The manufacturers right now have learned how to make quality shoes of artificial materials. The best one is Thinsulate. If you need shoes for the temperature 4-5 degrees above zero, this option is going to be great.

2. Outsole.

Pay special attention to the protector on the outsole. Winter sole can’t be smooth! Winter is a dangerous time in terms of falling down. We need to avoid unnecessary traumas. And please, put off high heels until spring.

– Welt.

The smaller the stitches are, the faster you will get the holes on the material. The holes will lead to wet and damaged shoes. The hight of outsole should be not less than 1 cm.

– And what about shoelaces?

If you have shoelaces on your winter shoes, pay attention to the fixation of the tongue. There should be special inserts on the sides. They help to protect your shoes from snow and water.

What do you pay attention to while choosing the shoes? Tell me, have you ever worn the high heels on ice?

Your Yuli

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