How to be dressed stylishly for your study?

Attention! This article may be useful not only for the school and university students. I also recommend reading it if you work in the office or any other place where dresscode is needed.

1. Colours.

We are used to associating study exclusively with black and white colours. I have nothing against it, but don’t you want to add something more interesting to your workdays’ routine? Take a look at such shades as grey, chocolate, olive,mocco… It can refresh your look and keep the dresscode.

2. Details.

School uniform is not a boring thing. But the problem is that ladies lose their inspiration when it comes to restrictions in clothing. But don’t forget that no one forbade us to use accessories! Ties, shawls, bowls – all these things are on the list of trends 2020-2021. Read the previous articles.

3. Clothes.

Why to wear only shirt and skirt and maybe sometimes trousers? I offer you to look at some pantsuits and buy even more than one. It will make you look interesting and stand out the crowd.

4. Fabrics.

Let’s look at the trends: leather, denim and velvet are on top. You can apply it in business style without any problems. It may be difficult to come to study wearing total denim look, but why not to add a couple of details? You just don’t need to break the rules and scopes of your university or school.

5. Bags.

And let’s discuss bags. I am sure that you remember the period of time when wearing small bag or a rucksack was cool. And other options were considered to be childish. Do you remember? But now you can allow yourself bags of any size and not be afraid to look ridiculous! The more, the better!
Bags with ruffles will be especially relevant.

Are there many students among my subscribers? Let me know where you study or work! And how old are you?

Your Yuli

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