How to become a guru of style? Best sources to form your style!

We all understand that one day the quarantine will be over and we will continue shopping, wearing stylish clothes, etc. But probably we will face a problem: What to start with? We started paying less attention to the discussions of fashion. Some time ago we had no time to study everything in details and used to wear what we saw in the pictures of fashion bloggers! So, the time has become!
It’s time to develop your own style which won’t depend on any other factors.

In order to do it you need to study the trends of different times, not simply previous years trends! I want to advise some great sources of information which can help you to form a perfect taste.

1. Movies.

Fashion movies of all epochs. They will show you the fashion world from inside. Their relevance will never die. You can find something for yourself in every genre – comedy, drama, historical movie, literally everywhere!

-“Devil wears Prada”. About the work at the fashion magazine.

-“Coco Chanel”. Dramatic movie about one of the most important figures of fashion history!

-“Me and Dior”. The chronicles of the creation of the first Dior collection by Ruf Simeson.

2. Books.

-“Zara phenomenon”. I have already mentioned this book once, but I couldn’t ignore it in this article. It’s about the birth of the biggest mass market.

-“Fil Night”. The biography of man who was selling shoes and built world brand of sport clothes.
Don’t ignore the books with some concrete recommendations. Such books can give you some additional information.

3. Experiments.

Check your wardrobe today. Before getting rid of some clothes item, think about it, maybe it can serve as an interesting detail to your new look. You have a plenty of time to do it now. For example, you can create new looks and take photos of them. And when the day to choose your outfit comes, check these photos.

Checking Pinterest, shows or the things which are on the Internet right now is probably pointless, it may lose its relevance soon.

Did you forget about fashion at all or continue being interested in fashion?


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