How to wake up beautiful?

Morning is considered to be a time when we should bring us in order. We are used to say it and to do it. But let’s try to understand why we are not ok in the morning?
How to always wake up beautiful?

1.Less water before you go to sleep.

In general I recommend you to consume less water in the second half of the day. Yes, you should drink water. But during the day. All liquid which we consume in the evening turns in the swollen face in the morning.

2.Less sweet and salty food.

Again swollen face. Yes, these products seriously damage our water salt balance and the water spreads uneven in the body. We all have our problematic zones, but usually we have swollen face around the eyes and nose.


I won’t get tired of repeating that if you follow a certain daily schedule, your body starts working as a clock. No stress, no mistakes.
As a result we feel good and look good in the morning. But we can’t say the same about people who live without regime and prefer to party one night and sleep 10 hours another night. They need lots of time to fix themselves.

4.Creams and masks in the fridge.

It seems to me that lots of ladies do so. But I will still remind of such way to make a refresh in the morning! Your patches and other beauty products will be way more effective when they are cold. And don’t forget about the feeling of freshness and cold when you use them.


You have probably noticed that sleeping in a stuffy room makes you look tired and swollen. Even skin looks dirty. It’s not an illusion. It’s true. Sebaceous glands work actively at night. All these things also spread all over the pillow. But you will sleep better in the cool room. You will give some air to your skin and instead of steaming effect you will get oxygen exchange. Imagine what happens to the skin of heaters’ fans.

6.Evening cleansing.

You can have a bad morning look if you forgot about evening skincare. Yes, I am talking about panda eyes which we have in the morning because of our laziness. It’s time to get a strict rule – “Wash away your make-up 💯” and then go to sleep.

7.No gadgets before sleep.

This point is the most difficult one. I am not saying that you need to get rid of the phone and dinner after 6. Just let yourself spend 30 minutes without phone and computer. Let it be 30 minutes of self-care before sleep. Massage your feet, face, whatever you want. But the worst choice is to fall sleep with the phone in your hands.

To sum it up, I would like to say that all these factors influence your good rest and it becomes the reason of good look and feeling. There is nothing extraordinary in these rules. But if you don’t follow these rules, your body won’t rest well.

Your Yuli

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