How to sleep properly?

Sleep is one of the main components of our life. This time is given to us in order to fully restore the body. If you sleep incorrectly once, nothing serious will happen. Twice? Again, nothing is going to change. But what will happen if the body is not regularly given the opportunity to exist normally? And the main problem is that most of us did not even think about right sleep!

Circadian rhythms.

It’s not simply about sleep. Have you heard about the existence of a biological clock? We are going to talk about them. This is a clock that is responsible not only for time, but for all key processes in the body: appetite, cell division, hormone production, etc. We all have a 24 hour circadian rhythm. And there is no need to say that you are an owl, or someone else … There are few people like this. But almost every second person on the planet tries to relate to this list. Maybe it’s simply high time to restore the regime?

How can we help our clock?

The rhythm is one. But everyone treats it differently. Someone doesn’t want to follow. Others, on the contrary, help the rhythm. Anyone who wants to reconsider their habits should read this list of recommendations…

1. Turn off all cold lights 2 hours before sleep.

This is the main enemy of melanin. If it is not possible to completely avoid usage of gadgets before bedtime, I remind you about the existence of a night mode (soft light).

2. Go to bed and get up at the same time.

This is a very important step towards the forming of a new regime. And avoid thoughts like: “I can sleep in late today. It’s Saturday … “. There is nothing good about time jumps.

3. Eat 2 hours before bedtime.

Or even more. Although there is an opinion that food makes us fa asleep, relaxes, it’s not true. Or this is the wrong food you eat. You may want to lie down, even sleep, but this sleep is not the restorative one.

4. Air temperature.

It seems that everyone already knows that we need to ventilate the room. But also don’t forget about body temperature! The body will not let you fall asleep until the temperature reaches necessary level. Therefore, hot drinks, shower, bath, etc. should be canceled.

5. Caffeine.

Even if it’s been 2 hours after eating, the caffeine won’t go away. In the afternoon, it should be excluded out of your meal. A person may not even notice this effect. But the quality of sleep suffers. You can get the same effect from tea.

6. Carbohydrates.

And especially fast carbs. This is a leap in energy that we don’t need. Not only they raise the body temperature once again, but they are also cause swollen face. You need to eat dinner mainly with proteins and healthy fats combined with fiber!

Please, be honest and tell me: How would you rate your sleep quality from 1 to 10?

Your Yuli

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