How quarantine influenced our purchases. Interesting facts.

Life during pandemic was totally different from a life we are used to. Now, looking back at that situation, we can draw some conclusions. Let’s have a look at statistics.

1.Demand for beauty industry dicreased.

While beauty salons were closed, many of you could cope with beauty procedures at home. I hope my articles helped you. The problem which salons faced with is that many people started attending them not so often. The same situation with cosmetics. Care cosmetics is still of a high demand, but decorative cosmetics industry suffered a lot during pandemic. And if continues to suffer. Yes, we are allowed to leave the houses, but wearing masks in public places doesn’t inspire us to wear full make-up.

2.The dicrease of demand for snacks and alcohol.

Are you surprised? In the beginning of quarantine the majority of us were sure that we would start binge eating or drinking. But statistics is very positive. And we can thank social media for it. Bloggers and influencers started calling people to action, launching language courses, sport marathons, etc. It’s hard to relax when you see how productive are people around you. By the way, you can find a plenty of content like this on my Instagram, mostly exercises.

3.Healthy eating.

Where did you use to make main mistakes in eating? Let’s be honest? I am sure that it didn’t happen in the kitchen. The main temptations were on the counters of supermarkets or in the restaurants. But now people developed a habit of cooking at home and buying healthy products.

4. Growth of demand for household goods.

In the fast rhythm of city, work, etc. we hardly ever think of badly functioning vacuum cleaner or dry air in the flat… But quarantine made us look attentively at our flat and start fixing the details. Sales increased not only in the line of electronics, but in household goods in general.


The last, but not least is the point about the clothes.Let’s not break the traditions of Monday). The thing which people were afraid of didn’t actually happen. People didn’t loose interest to clothes. Yes, many big brands went bankrupt. But I can’t say that demand dicreased. As soon as quarantine measures became milder, people rushed to shopping. Maybe, the preferences changed a little bit. I think it’s early to draw conclusions about changes in fashion because of pandemic. We will go back to this question after some time.

How has your life changed after quarantine? Are there any changes in your lifestyle, do you have new shopping preferences? Let me know!


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