How to look great in the pictures?

The sun is coming. It means that quite soon we will get a desire to take a lot of pictures and take parts in the photosets. I also know that many of you don’t like how they look in the pictures. The result of this dissatisfaction is new complexes. Especially during summertime when our Instagram timeline is filled with “perfect” ladies. But the main thing is to know how to take pictures! And here are some important steps for reaching this goal…

1. Find your perfect angle.

It may sound easy, but you will need to do a great job to find it. The best method is the method of attempts and failures. Don’t be afraid, leave all your fears! The more photos of you you get, the better you will find your strong side and you will be able to use during the whole life. It doesn’t mean that you need to turn into the statue. You can change the position of your body keeping that perfect angle of yours.

2. Taking photos from below.

This point has a lot to do with body type. It is really sad when quite a tall lady looks shorter or plumper than in real life. After using some photo angles you can start going crazy : “How can I edit this picture?” Well, start with editing it in a right way! It means that a photographer needs to take a photo of you from the bottom and it will visually make you taller and more slender.

3. Taking a series of photos.

How many pictures do you usually take? I know a very well spread mistake when the person freezes in one position and waits for that very right moment… But the moment won’t come, your smile will become forced and the result of these efforts will be an absolutely unnatural photo. Use the method of serial photo. There is not even a need to have a professional camera. Such function is available on any smartphone. But when you do it, don’t be stable! Move, change positions, experiment! Then you will choose the most successful pic of you. Believe me, it’s easier to pick from 100/200/300 photos than from 5.

4. Choose the lighting.

There is a popular belief that nothing can be better than bright sun light. It’s not true. The best time for taking pictures is 5-6 o’clock in the evening, or even sunset. At this time the light spreads evenly and you get a perfect photo.

5. Don’t pose.

The times of perfect boring pictures are gone. They look artificial and not natural. Pay your attention to the content you see in your timeline. At least one person in the picture will look as if he or she was trying really hard to look perfect. When you pose and it is obvious, it shows your insecurity. Try to forget that someone is taking a picture of you and enjoy the moment. Even if some pictures are funny, you will still have a plenty of nice pics to choose from.

Do you go the trouble with your photos often? I mean if it’s not a part of your profession?

Your Yuli

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