From the history of brands. NIKE, ADIDAS and PUMA. How did it all start?

Today I decided to add some history to our traditional street style topics. I will ask you to let me know in the comments down below what are your thoughts on this idea and do I need to write on this topic from time to time.


Everything was spontaneous and happened all of a sudden. These words can never be said about NIKE. Phil Night had never been a poor guy, but he always had an idea of creating something new and leaving his mark in history. His partner was Bill Bauermann – athletics trainer. Both of them loved sport and everything what was connected with it.

Trainer and runner got acquainted at university and immediately started to get along really well. As any specialist of any line, Bill was very attentive to details: shoes quality, etc. He wanted to bring the maximum of comfort to his pupils. It became the reason why the trainer started producing lighter sport shoes by himself. After having studied the sales and production for a long time, Bill and Phil made a first step to the world success. In 1963 first sneakers consignment from Japan in the amount of 300 pieces appeared on the counters. Phil used the parents laundry as a story. It was simple. They resold 300 pairs of shoes and made 8 000 dollars. Since that moment the company started growing and teaching the size it has now. There were many factors promoting the brand. For example: cooperation with celebrities, extraordinary ideas and constant activity and desire of something new.

I have briefly retold the story, but if you are really interested in topic, highly recommend you to check out the book “Phil Night. Shoes seller.”


Adolph Dussler was a son of a baker and laundry woman. So we can immediately draw a conclusion that the reason of his success doesn’t lie in rich parents. They boy himself wasn’t outstandingly smart or had a great will. No, he was quiet and calm, as the majority of kids from such families. When he was a teenager the First world war broke out. His motherland – Germany – was defeated in this war.

Unemployment, fear of the unknown and poverty were everywhere. What did Addi’s family do? They decided to make at least some money and launched their business of making shoes which happened to be a tremendous success at that moment!


What was the reason of the PUMA brand’s appearance? Desire to be rich, a spontaneous idea? No, everything wasn’t that simple. The quarrel between two brothers. There were two sons in Dussler family – Adolph and Rudolph. They were both responsible for the company’s promotion and had their own responsibilities. But when the brand started to become huge, the brothers lost the connection. First quarrels and conflicts started to happen. But 1984 was the year of the end. The brothers had a huge conflict and they decided to divide the family business. The firm was divided into two halves. Their names were ADIDAS and PUMA.

I honestly think that the idea of brands’ division was successful. Now each of the brands has his own thing to do and the majority of the consumers don’t even see something in common.

In my opinion being good at trends and knowing how to combine the clothes is not enough to be a fashion pro. You need to know your business from all sides! At least for broadening your horizons! What do you think? What would you like to read about?

Your Yuli

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