#LOVEBOOKBOUDOIR: 10  histories of passion. History 9: Yuliana Dementyeva, Model.

It is easy to define a girl whose life is full of real passion. Our project #LovebookBOUDOIR is exactly about it. It is necessary to wait a little and we are going to tell you what is there under this hashtag. And now we would like to introduce our heroines: ten absolutely different girls are telling 30 love histories.


I got my first camera from my grandmother, it was a camera FED2. As far as I remember even then I was interested in photography very much. My parents and me often went to the circuses and zoos, and we always had the camera with us: I took photos of my parents, friends and animals. But I liked being photoed the most. Soon I got an expected Polaroid. I remember very well how I was unpacking it and how impressed I was at that moment. I keep my first photos even now. Sometimes I look them through and feel nostalgie. This is the reason why I like photography: you can come back to the time and the place where the photo was taken. You can also remember people who you had some relations with. For me photography is a possibility to travel in time.


When I had become a model and started taking part in shootings, I understood that I want to try being a photographer, a person who participates in creating masterpieces. Each time at photosessions I asked a lot of questions about how to install light correctly, which lens to choose, which hair-do and make-up to use. It is impossible to learn it at a time. It is a hard and responsible profession. That is why I have never considered myself to be a photographer. I do it just for fun. I like getting the result. Everybody who is experimenting together with me is quite satisfied too. But you always have something to learn and to achieve as a positive result in future. So I am going to move and develop in this direction in future.


It happened so that my parents tried to make me interested in sport from my early childhood. When I was seven, my mum sent me to ballet school. In this way she wanted to realize her own dream: from early childhood she wanted to become a ballerina herself. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen. At the same time, I went in for basketball. So I had enough physical exercises. Training at the ballet school sometimes lasted for 4-5 hours. Of course, it was exhausting, but helped to be fit enough. So, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to my mom, because it is very useful in everyday life. And also, thanks to sport you feel yourself happier. During the training you often get right solutions and answers. And a problem becomes not a problem at all. They say: ‘Healthy mind in a healthy body’, and I absolutely agree with it.


Recently I have become interested in Thai boxing. As I have good results so far, I am going to continue. I also tried to do yoga. And there was a period when I was very keen on it. I was ready to practice it even every day. Then I got bored and decided to make an interval, which lasted for about 2 years. Now I am interested in it again, and I hope it will last long because I realize well how useful yoga is. My daughter has been having an active way of life since her childhood. Stephania has been going in for gymnastics for 2 years and she likes it. I advice everybody to find your favourite sport and try yourself in something new. For example, I myself could hardly imagine that having finished the ballet school, I would practice Thai boxing.


At school I was interested in light athletics, basketball, ballet and had some extra classes in English. Once I even tried to learn playing the piano, but it was not very successful. So I even didn’t have time to think about attending a school for models. And only when I entered the university, my brother offered me to take part in a casting. After having passed successfully all the stages, I moved to Kyiv and then I signed contracts with some foreign agencies. My first trip was to Milan. I’ll never forget how everybody was excited. All my family and friends came to see me off. When I came to Milan I felt for the first time what it was to be a model. And, of course, I realized that a lot of interesting things are still in future. Surely, there were some misunderstandings with agencies and other models. I was learning everything from the beginning: how to be assertive, how to find common language with a shooting team, how to trust people whom you see for the first time and will probably never see again. I adore my profession for its unpredictability. You never know where you will be next time! I remember coming to Greece and in a few days a revolution started there: gar swords, streets full of smoke. Our hotel was blocked, traffic stopped, airports were closed for an uncertain time. But we had to continue our work. Either a photorapher or a manager from the agency came for me, we put on a helmet, glasses and moved to a shooting cite by a motorcycle. Very often we couldn’t get to a studio and we had to shoot at any safe place. Thanks God it did not last long. But I have a lot of memories left.

Due to a model business you feel yourself more confident, social and target – oriented.


Location: Boudoir Lingerie Concept Store, 7 M. Zankovetskoi Str.


Photographer: Yana Tokarchuk

Coordinator: Masha Siviakova

Producer: Dasha Zarivnaia

Text: Toma Mironenko


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