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I had an interview with the editor-in-chief of the website Fashion Talkss these days. I got used to ask questions for Personal Talk for my blog and already have forgotten how it feels when you answer))) Our talk turned out not banal and informative, we discussed everything: from children’s memories to Johnny Depp))

I decided to make a small experiment and from time to time to publish post where I am, so to say, a respondent. Girls, if you have questions or collages with me, such as this, I with pleasure will publish them in one post for the blog with replies and advices for you.

And so. What writes Anastasiia Poddubnaya about me and how Tanya Chulkova imagines me – see below.


Thanx to unique fashion looks Yuliana always is bright star in crowd, doing her dresses by objects of passionate desire of women. A secret of her success is not only in style, but also in inexhaustible energy and the girl’s perfectionism. The social life and regular trainings don’t get tire her at all, and opposite, give an additional incentive and a charge of energy. At the same time Yuliana manages to find time for a family – the husband and the daughter. Even before Yulianа was model and was among Riccardo Tisci`s favorite models.

If you could transfer into other body who it would be?

My husband (smiles).

Three things which are always with you…

Phone, menthol “Otrivin”, purse.


Exactly what I looking for!

First time…

It was terrible to quit on a podium, but 10 years ballet experience, concerts, a scene, solo parts helped me a lot. The main thing is confidence!

Favorite TV serial…

“Game of Thrones” I watched 7 days, there is a wish though for an instant to get on the shooting stage!

What makes me laugh…

Recently I tried to awoke my daughter in school, and our spitz-dog spitefully growled and bit. The doggie decided that the kid can stay at home today (smiles).

I can cook…


I never tried…

To bake cake, to play cards on money, to jump with parachute, to dive with an aqualung. Generally, there are a lot of things I haven’t tried – all ahead 🙂

Memory from the childhood …

I remember what distances, despite bad weather, I had to overcame, attending ballet school 🙂 And how we traveled with our dance team.

Who would be your fictional guests at a party?

Karl Lagerfeld and Johnny Depp.

If you were an inventor, what you`d invented?

Something that would help to clear the planet of a garbage and a youth elixir.

What nickname did you have in childhood?

Match (I was very skinny).

What is your biggest regret?

I have no regrets.

If you were a wizard, what supernatural opportunities you wanted to have?

To disappear.

The best compliment for the woman…

How her man is happy with her 🙂

I learned…

To listen to advices…

What would you tell to yourself 5 years ago?

Buy up dollar (smiles).

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