How to understand fashion? Develop a sense of style!

I think the situation when you feel like you are surrounded by fashionistas and you know nothing about fashion is familiar for many ladies. And the only possible way out is to admit and accept this problem…
Believe me, people are not born with fashion sense. You can develop it just like you develop your style during your life – by making mistakes and by learning from them. But the main thing is to try!
Today I will tell you where to find the ideas and how to take in fashion if you are a novice.

1. Read magazines. If you have an opportunity to buy print media, that’s a perfect thing to do. You can tell that all necessary information can be found on the Internet. But your brain will take in more information with the help of feeling the pages.

2. Follow fashion bloggers and celebrities. Of course, I am talking about social media. 😉 They often share their outfits and pieces of advice. Always try to save the ideas and then start using them in your own looks.

3. There is no need to copy someone. If you are a novice, you can try copying the looks of others, but why not to use the ideas for developing your own style? I emphasize – your OWN style. It’s quite stupid to copy completely the outfits of the others. We have different body types, lifestyles and characters. That’s why the style of your inspiring role model can be just a basis for your own style. Office worker and diva, performing on the stage have different dress codes.

4. Watch fashion movies
Don’t worry that some of these movies were made long time ago and fashion is quite changeable. First of all, fashion always comes back. Watching such movies will help you to see the way stylish people live and it will inspire you. This is my list of such movies :

-High fashion
-Jia(starring young Angelina Jolie)
-Valentino:the last Emperor
-Devil wears Prada (is there anyone who hasn’t seen it?)
-The September issue
-Coco before Chanel

5. Don’t run after trends
It can surprise you, but in order to be trendy you don’t need to follow all latest fashion innovations. The main feature of a stylish person is to be able to choose from a huge variety of clothes things which really suit you. And the most stupid thing you can do is to spend all your money on the clothes, which might lose topicality in one season.

That’s it, my friends
These are two main conclusions which I’ve drawn :
1. Following all trends does not equal to be trendy.
2. You can develop your style, taste and fashion sense if you want to.

And I want you to answer one question : Do you consider yourself to be a stylish person? And what does it mean to be a fashionista?


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