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When the winter season is just beginning, the human body reacts immediately. To protect from the low temperature, it spends more inner energy and therefore often asked to eat.) The first thing that suffers in this case – it is our waist. And we all want a thin waist and don`t want hide the tummy.

You to help, I remembered the simple exercises that are solve this problem. In the morning, quickly, before you go into the kitchen and start to make coffee, make this complex. Do not even get up, all you can do in bed. In the evening, before bedtime, it also good.)

1-st exercise: Rhythmic movements – as soon as the lowered feet in one direction and immediately send them in the opposite direction. Involved muscles of the lower press.

2-nd exercise: Keep your feet together, quickly raise up and bring it down.

3-rd exercise: It’s called “scissors” or “bicycle”. It perfectly complements and completes this set, swings press, muscles of the legs and thighs.

Let`s go!

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