Cholesterol. Is it our friend or enemy?

I am sure that many of you lost the enthusiasm to read this article as soon as you saw the word cholesterol. Because we know that it’s a scary thing and we need to avoid it by all means. Don’t hurry to draw conclusions, you should study the information carefully. Let’s make it clear: Do we need cholesterol and how dangerous it is? Well, it’s not dangerous itself. I will tell you even more – it’s an important element, responsible for our hormonal system.

What is it?

Cholesterol is a representator of the organic substances of the steroid group. Why do we need all this chemistry? Ok, now in simple words.

-It regulates the level of the permeability of the cells
-It is responsible for the vitamin K absorption
-It participates in the synthesis of the sex hormones

Quite often ladies who decide to cit down on animal products loose their menstrual cycle. Men loose their hormonal functions…

Where is the danger?

If cholesterol is so good and important, why is it so underrated? Well, everything is not that simple. There is such a thing as atherosclerosis.
This disease can appear when the lipoprotein density is very low. This diagnosis is really dangerous itself. Your liver and kidneys suffer from it and it negatively influences all other organs. It’s not good at all.

As we see, cholesterol is also not harmless, but we still need it. We just need to find a golden middle on our menu. Our eating is the most important in this case.

What should we eat for the atherosclerosis prevention?

Total excluding cholesterol from your menu is pointless and can be even dangerous. Excessive consumption of it is also bad. First step is excluding fast food 💯. Such food contains enormous amount of cholesterol. You can find cholesterol in eggs, meat and dairy products.
If we take a simple daily menu of a regular person, we need to follow a couple of recommendations and everything is going to be ok.

-Choose low fat meat
-Don’t binge-eat animal products
-Eat not more than 2 eggs a day
-Cut down on dairy products

There is also one more important moment! You should get your blood tested regularly. In this case you can control the cholesterol level in your blood and always adress the doctor of you need it. Because not everything depends on the food. There are many other factors, for example heredity. That’s it’s important to know the condition of your body and create your menu according to it. People with cardiovascular problems should also consume less cholesterol.

Do I need to write article like this on any subject? Let me know what you are interested in right now. Probably gluten or lactose?

Your Yuli

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