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I am sure everybody knows about healthy nutrition)) Someone is only going to pass to this menu, someone is already keep it for a long time and may say 1000 and 1 reason why the healthy living is necessary for everyone and at any age. As far as I remember, I always tried to get weight! I was very thin, at school often teased and I tried to gain weight, eating everything that was at home. Then there was a ballet, this art form not for weaklings!)) After I started making a career in a model business. But I never tormented myself with diets! It seems about good physical shape, but what sense from it, if you have bad health?!

In this post I want to explain why it is so important to keep balanced eating as soon as possible and to impart to children useful habits in eating. If your kid is skinny, don’t begin to fatten him  bread and macaroni. And if he wants to eat something with the high content of calories, then you don’t say to him that it will become “fat and ugly”, explain that it is harmful to his stomach and health in general. It isn’t necessary strenuously to try to recover or lose weight, just eat well and weight is normalized!

Now, there is a set of ways to train a body and to eat, without starving. Fitness studios, special programs, morning jogs, exercise machines…. Anything, only there would be desire! I often read comments that fitness classes don’t yield desirable results. Girls, I am sure that the essence of a problem is covered that you don’t pay due attention to the food! How you are often tempted on burgers, m? And on fried meat and potato? In additives, still there is a sweet aerated water and coffee in the mornings. And what about alcohol and cigarettes? Here, everything that I just listed are loyal friends of cellulitis, the carbohydrates, undesirable deposits on a waist and hips.

Everything has to be in a complex! Sometimes and I dare to come into MAC or to eat croissant, but only from time to time, it is impossible to turn it into a habit. I created my diet for myself, it looks approximately so.

How I do it I: I “adjusted” the mode which I observe not one year to myself with such approach that also products were simple, and energy was enough for the strengthened trainings.

For breakfast at me a protein. Time: 8:00 – 8:30. In an hour I cook porridge, a portion 100 гр, and a half of green apple or grapefruit. Porridge not just I trouble, and I cook. Choose for yourself breakfast options to taste, remember that at this time days it is very important to use carbohydrates!

At 12:30 having a snack from the products supporting squirrels. For example: dairy products, eggs, boiled meat. And there is a little greens. Also at this time it is useful to use cellulose, it helps an organism to acquire food.

The lunch is at 14:30 fish, meat, a bird (at choice). Portion no more than 100 гр and green salad.

Dinner 19:00 – 20:00 fish, a bird, meat (at choice) and vegetables. If there is a strong wish it is possible 100 гр low-fat cottage cheese or squirrels in any kind.

Girls, write me in comments what you would like to know about healthy food from me.

You know, I am always open to a conversation with you!)

Your Yuli

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