Harmful impurities in hair care products

Good evening, girls, boys!

I’m sure that everyone has ever heard about harmful substances that are added to shampoos and hair conditioners, but very few people knew what it is and why they are so harmful… It is desirable to use hair products that do not contain at all or, if they contain this chemistry, then in a small amount…

Sulphates – although they form a fine foam, creating the effect of washing out to the creak, accelerate the loss of color and natural oils, cause overdrying, irritation of the skin, cause hair to become fat faster.
As a result, you begin to wash your head more and more often. Completely no sulfates will not work, but to search for brands with their minimum amount is necessary.

Phthalates – this chemical evil is one of the main components of stowage. Together with them you get iron locks, which are not afraid of hurricanes, and a bunch of toxins.
Many phthalates are already banned for use in the cosmetic industry.

Parabens – prevent the reproduction of bacteria in cosmetics, but can provoke allergies and diseases of an oncological nature.
A good half of the studies, however, are not able to prove their direct effect on human health, therefore, like any unnatural component, their use is better limited.

Odor is what makes your almond shampoo so almond.
Reading the label, an ordinary person is hardly able to understand which of the components will turn into an itchy head, redness and dandruff, so it is worth choosing cosmetics without active artificial odors.

I hope that the information was useful to you !!!
Your Yuli

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