2019 haircuts and hair colourings. Trends.

It seems to be that we have spoken a lot about clothes this season. But it’s not the end of the summer, so let’s wait and see, maybe there will be something new in clothes. But we don’t have any news for now that’s why let’s discuss some hair trends!

1. Haircuts.
The most popular length for this year is short. Also different kinds of blunt bob. There are also some exceptions but we will discuss them later.


This hairstyle is not brand new, but it has become really popular now. Such haircut doesn’t fit everyone, so be careful with it.

-Layered hair.

This hairstyle is classic, not a trend. But I couldn’t skip it. Layered hair is a perfect option for ladies who prefer to stay away from trends and experiments. Layered hair is not going to be out of fashion for a long time.


This haircut is super short, but it’s a real star of all fashion shows.

-Short bang.

Short, even a little bit childish bang is trendy right now. It’s a good way to make yourself look younger and fresh. It’s also a good thing if you feel that your look has become a little bit boring.

2. Colours.
Hair colourings of this season can also impress you. I would say that this season is absolutely extraordinary in terms of colors.


Let’s leave the most interesting things for dessert and start with simple things. Simple black. Monotonous black. Have you notice that the tendency of highlights is slowly loosing it’s popularity?

-Platinum blond or grey hair.

This point is totally opposite of the previous one. Blond is a clear thing, but what about grey hair? Yes,you got me right. NATURAL grey hair is of the high value right now. Can you imagine that? So, don’t get upset if you’ve noticed it on your head. You are trendy! And I hope that it happened to you not premature.

-Bright colors.

Now let’s move to “trash”. Do you remember the color of the year according to Pantone? It wasn’t just about clothes…I also ask you to pay your attention to similar shades, such as pink, purple, violet, etc.

3. Styling and hairstyles.

-Super straight hair.

Yes, the era of volume is over. So, you can start using your hair straighteners again. Hope you didn’t put it far away. Low ponytail is very trendy.


Bun is going to be an everlasting trend! The look of it can change a little bit, but the idea stays the same. Exactly right now the most popular version of the bun is the one with a couple of earlocks.

In general I can say that everything simplifies and becomes more comfortable in clothes, bit in the world of hairstyles everything moves to another direction. Tidy and neat hairstyles become more popular than casual.

I think that I’ve spoken about all tendencies. You know, the hair topic is actually quite interesting. It’s weird that I didn’t bring it up before. What do you think? Do you want one more article about hair accessories? I promise not to talk about hairpins with rhinestones, which has made everyone tired of them.

And, speaking of our article let me know which trend is your favourite one! And what’s your attitude towards extraordinary change s of the hair? I prefer natural style, but tastes differ…

Your Yuli

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