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Do you know that morning is the most important time of the day? And still there is a saying: in what way you will begin day, in that way you will spend it. I completely agree with this statement, so in my new post I will tell how to begin your day. Every day, without exception, I take special smoosy and different pills 🙂 I know that keeping skin and body healthy is the most useful and necessary habit at the girl. My vitamin post is useful to all, but the quantity and how to combine them, is, of course, the individual choice. My morning. The fact that I have woken up – it just a half has put, and here is how to wake by body? The best thing is warm water with lemon juice. Always I drink on an empty stomach.

After lemon water I have an activity and begin my working day. After a while I get a big can of a protein of `Weide CFM whey protein`, I drink it especially according to the recommendation of the trainer. Of course, I am very glad with result, but you should to get consultation before buyng this. I will tell that for 88% it consists of protein, the minimum quantity of carbohydrates, sugar and fats. The fact that it is necessary for the good beginning of day 🙂

Now about my vitamins. I accept them and at the same time I begin to make detoks-smoosy. All ingredients of surely green color: celery, ginger, spinach, cucumber, green apple, Aloe Barbarensis Miller, by the way special thanks to girls from @organic_and_natural. Slightly to sweeten this cocktail I add a pumpkin piece. You can add banana, I just don’t love bananas.

I want to tell about vitamins in details. Clear Vite PSF is the perfect choice, it is the whole complex. Here to you both vitamin C, and B6 vitamin, and B12 vitamin, and Riboflavinum, biotin. I consulted on this matter much, read special characteristics.

One more super means from me – MedColl, here collagen is presented in pure form and thare is nothing synthetic. From important – him people can’t use with an allergy to fish or soy. It is desirable for MedColl to combine a probiotics, so they are better acquired, but the choice, of course, for you.

Probulin Trim Synergy – excellent probiotic, not containing GMO, sugar and synthetic additives. He loads with energy and helps me to keep weight under control. The recommended norm – two capsules a day for half an hour before meal. But here again I will tell: consult with the trainer.

To whom the problem with joints is familiar, those should know it. Food of Arthro Guard BioTech very popular, and all because very effective. I`ve been doing the ballet 10 years, and I know that it when you are disturbed by joints. I drink according to the recommendation of the trainer, each tablet contains calcium, collagen, ginseng extract – generally, everything that is necessary for intensive strengthening of bones and joints.

Omega Thera or cod-liver oil. Yes, girls, the name not the most pleasant, but is a lot of advantage of him. All vitamins are here and fatty Omega-3 polynonsaturated acids, necessary for normal work of an organism. The day use individually, the main thing not to accept more than 4 capsules a day.

At me as well as at you – business is a lot of, and it isn’t enough forces. This problem for me is solved by Co Q-10. Excellent means, natural, without any there chemistry, gives me a necessary charge of energy.

I drink echinacea especially in the preventive purposes that flu and an other bad infection. I take a course in cold time and I always meet spring healthy 🙂 Absolutely natural preparation, on the basis of roots and rhizomes echinacea.

And for dessert from me – vitamin supplements. Particularly useful in winter, when the body lacks vitamins. These are dried vegetables and fruits, eat as desired in food or in pure form.


That’s all 🙂 Health and good weekends 🙂

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