Fitness Video – ABS

Today we consider an important topic. Influence of abdominal muscles on posture.

Overly weak and stretched abdominal muscles shift the load by keeping the spine in an upright position on the large lumbar muscle – which, in turn, also stretches. As a result, excessive tension is created in the upper part of the back, shoulders are pulled down and inward, and excessive deflection appears in the lower back.

Work at the computer, exactly like driving a car (or sitting in a vehicle), significantly aggravates the problem. Together with the lack of proper physical exertion and regular poor nutrition, such changes in posture lead to an accelerated collection of fat on the abdomen. Which, again, only stretches the rectus muscles.

I have repeatedly published sets for the ABS, and since this is one of the most pressing problems, I decided once again to show you what exercises at the end of the workout I personally perform. For me, they are the most effective.

Let’s start!

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