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Today I want to talk about posture. And show you 3 basic and very effective exercises that will help you form a beautiful graceful posture. It would seem that everyone knows that keeping the back exactly equal is very important for both health and aesthetics. But, if the back muscles are weak, then it is constantly difficult to do, and remembering this is even more difficult. The complex of these three exercises you can perform daily. It will not take you much time, but you will have a strong back and a beautiful posture. All you need is a sports elastic band of medium hardness. So…

Exercise 1.
Hands behind the head. Raise your hands up as much as possible squeeze the shoulder blades, bringing straight arms behind your head.

Exercise 2.
Thrust with one hand to the side with the fixation of the other hand.

Exercise 3.
Drag with hands over the head with stretching gum.
Stretching the elastic, lower the elbows down. Concentration on the muscles of the back.
15-20 repetitions in each exercise.

The complex strengthens the deep muscles of the back, expands the shoulders, stretches the muscles of the chest.
I wish you good health!

Your YULI.

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