Fitness Video 77

Hi guys!
Today I put the training on TRX. What it is?

Suspension training is a type of strength training, in which they use suspension systems of ropes or belts that allow you to perform exercises using the person’s own weight as a burden . Hanging exercises simultaneously train and develop the strength, flexibility, vestibular apparatus and elasticity of the tendons and ligaments surrounding the joint.

I do not often train at TRX, but this type of training is very effective.
Today I decided to show how you can do cardio on TRX by spending as many calories as possible in one workout. The first 3 exercises from my video are an example of how calorie expenditure is possible without a treadmill, orbit track, or a jump rope. Enough TRX and your desire. These exercises can be repeated in 3-4 rounds. The rest, performed on the mat, are an additional burden for training core muscles. At the end of the main workout, it is advisable to stretch!

Be healthy!
Your Yuli.

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