Fashion week. Why do we need it and how can we get there?

I wonder who was the first person to come up with the idea of clothes demonstration? Ok, the ideas can come to our heads, but there is a long way from the idea to one of the most important events of the year! Yes, it didn’t happen all of a sudden, the journey was long…

Everything started in the 19th century, when Charles Frederick Wort came up with an idea of showing his clothes on the alive “dummies”. This is when the notion of model appeared. And obviously with the flow of time it has turned into one of the best paid job for women and men.

How did it look like?

As you probably guessed, everything looked totally different initially, not the way we see it now. There weren’t so many people and no one gave such huge buildings for fashion shows. It was quite a moderate event. Small room with a small audience. The situation continued to be like this till 1905. Because that year big stages started to appear. And only in 60-s those events turned into massive shows. And we keep watching these shows now.

How to get there?

If you have ever tried to get to the fashion show, then you probably know that you can’t simply buy the ticket. It’s not the theatre or cinema. Only such people as models, designers, journalists, bloggers, etc. are allowed to be present. It happens because information about the event should spread fast and the event should become really sound. It is obvious that celebrities and influencers are the best sources of spreading the information. Do you agree?

Why do we need them?

Well, it’s profitable for everyone. So much attention is given to the city and brands of the country. There is a chance for successful and highly paid advertising. And the models get a chance to be noticed.

Here is my conclusion: fashion week may seem to be a creative event, but it’s an economical one as well and it is profitable for everyone. It is incredibly important in the world of fashion and not only in the fashion world. And it is an incredibly artistic pastime which works as a nice bonus because it is very pleasant and interesting to watch.
Have you attended fashion weeks or fashion shows?

Your YULI.

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