Fashion rules which have turned into myths! You should stop believing in them!

There are certain rules which are very stable and long lasting in the world and no one knows why it’s like this. I also don’t know the reason. Some things simply come and go and some stick for a long time. Today I will try to dyspel some of these myths and make your life easier!

Myth №1.
Your bag should match your shoes.

I wrote about it some time ago but I will repeat it once again. Because so many women still think that it’s true. Everything had to be of the same colour in the past, otherwise it looked like a lack of taste. But if you want to be relevant and up-to-date, stop following this rule just because you worry of your outfit in general.

Myth №2.
Relying on trends is pointless.

Yes, trends come and go and it’s a fast process. But you shouldn’t completely ignore them. Many trends happened to be a good idea and turned into eternal classics later. And, as I said in my fresh interview, you should pay attention to the tendencies. There is no need to divide clothes into two categories: trends and anti-trends. Always try them on and then decide.

Myth №3.
You should forget about fashion when you age.

That’s absurd! What age are we talking about? After 30? After 40? And who decides which age it is? Please, leave this idea! You can wear fashionable clothes always! It should look appropriate and fit you. It happens when you feel comfortable wearing these clothes! Because sometimes, when women try to follow the fashion by all means, they look awkward…

Myth №4.
Tall ladies can’t wear high heels.

I often hear negative comments about tall girls wearing high heels. Something like: “She looks like giraffe…” You should understand that there is nothing bad about being tall. It’s a huge benefit! Because you can use the heel not for increasing your height, but for improving your look! So always think whether these high heels match your outfit or not.

Myth №5.
You can’t mix prints.

Guys, your look is not a suit! It’s a certain combination of different clothes. You can choose whatever you want. Final compatibility is important. It should look organic. Sometimes the combination of polka-dots can look weird, but stripes with polka dots can look great.

Myth №6.
It’s forbidden to combine different metals.

I won’t go into details on this topic. The idea is the same. The notion “they don’t match” is absolutely outdated. You can try different combinations if you do it wisely.

Myth №7.
All weather is good weather.

Unfortunately, it’s a wrong belief. Because often ladies get inspiration from covers of the magazines and forget about the most important thing – health. You need to understand that not everything you see on fashion shows can be appropriate in real life. First of all because we live in different weather conditions. The fashion for December in Los Angeles is really different from what we have in our country. Stockings and tights are not bad at all. I want to reveal a secret: walking with stockings when it’s 20 degrees below zero is really stupid!

So, here is my conclusion: Modern fashion allows us to get rid of stereotypes, and it’s not so strict anymore. No one will blame you for anything. The decision what to wear and what not to wear is only yours!)

Your Yuli.

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