Home nails care for both men and women.

It is a myth that manicure is not your thing. Anyway, we will try to dispel this myth because anyway we don’t have another way out.
By the way, quarantine is a great opportunity to learn something about your abilities. You may be surprised and maybe decide not to go to salon when the quarantine is over. 🙂

What are healthy nails? They are smooth, sparkling and have good colour. This is the main thing, not bright manicure or shape. The other things are not that important. In order to achieve this goal you will need well balanced diet and the set of products you eat.


Nothing can be better than natural care. It doesn’t matter what oil you will choose. Avocado, olive, etc. Any of them will be great, you can even try different ones.

2.Special cream.

You can find it at any shop in the care department. It’s a cream for nails and cuticles. Of course, if your cuticle is fine, probably it’s not the main thing for you. But if you can’t imagine how to deal with your cuticle, this cream may be a real help!

3.Nail files.

They can be different: glass, metal, ceramic and many others. Which one to choose? I would recommend the glass ones for healthy nails. Files made of other materials can spoil the nail’s structure.


This manicure item can’t be found in every house. Especially if you are not a fan of manicure. But I recommend you to buy it! It is the best way to nourish your nails with minerals and useful substances.

5. Strengthening nail polishes.

It is better to use protective nail polish if you want to protect your nails. It will prevent then fromdelamination and brittleness. And it will protect the nails from harmful effect of colourful nail polish (if you use it).

6. Tongs and scissors.

Usually they go hand in hand with all the instruments like nail files, nippers, etc. But I would recommend to choose them separately. Because the ones in the set may not suit you. There should be separate instruments for cuticle and nails. It is easy to differentiate them. The instruments for nails are thin because they are used only for working with skin.

How to choose them?

Let’s pay attention to the material. Quality manicure scissors should be made of stainless surgical steel! They should not only cut but also be convenient to use. You can spot an inconvenient lever immediately.

I’ve told you about the very basis. But we can go into details and dive into this topic and I can write not only about care, but about the process itself and the nuances of applying nail polish at home. Should I write about it?

Have you done a manicure for yourself before? Are there any people among my subscribers who didn’t feel this change and everything stays the same for them?


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