Let’s save ourselves from dryness with the help of home methods of moisturising.

This period of the year is the most difficult for our skin! The weather decided to be really tough on us this winter month, the last month of the winter by the way. So, let’s regain the control of the situation! In order to do this we need moisturising. 😉

Why do our hands and legs dry out?

You could have asked yourself why you continue having dry skin on arms and legs of your face skin is oily. It may seem absurd. The problem lies in our anatomy – sebaceous glands are almost absent on these parts of our body. That’s why standard hand cream is not a solution, it’s just a temporary help. You should really dive into this problem if you want to get rid of it.


Pour feet. Imagine how much pain they have to tolerate during the day. They have to carry our body everywhere! When the skin cracks, our feet become even more vulnerable. There is no way to ignore this problem because our feet are in action all the time.

What should we do?

Let’s move to the solution of the problem by creating SPA for our feet and hands. Of course, you can by beauty products specially made for solving this problem. But I am not sure that price or result will make you happy. It makes no sense taking into account the amount of natural methods.

1. Eggs + honey
-blend the egg yolk
-add 1 tea spoon of honey
-2 tea spoons of lemon juice
-table spoon of any vegetable oil

If you already have some wounds or cracks on your arms, you’d better exclude lemon. We apply this blend and leave on the skin for 15-20 minutes. Then you just have to wash your hands with warm water.

2. Oatmeal + milk
-mix 3 table spoons of oatmeal flour
-1 table spoon of milk
-olive oil + drop of honey

Then you should put on cotton gloves and wait for 40+ minutes. Actually the longer the better.


Now it’s time to talk about legs. Masks cannot be the only possible way out. Bathtubs for hands are great but not really comfortable. The other thing is to put your feet in the hot water and forget about everything for 30-40 minutes. You won’t need to mix everything for a long time, everything is quite simple. Just add the drop of the essential oil and put your feet there. If you are tolerant enough, you can create the same bathtub for your hands. In order to achieve 100% result, apply oily cream, wear socks and go to bed. You will see perfectly smooth feet in the morning.

The internet is full of different methods. I would call the most favourite ones and the most effective ones. But the idea of them is pretty much the same. You can make something new taking these ideas as a basis. For example, you can use your favourite oils. Do you have some secret ingredients which really work? Are you ready to share them?


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