Deodorants and antiperspirants. What to choose and which dangers lie behind them.

I am sure that you faced both words in your life. But do you know the difference between them? Today we will find it out. And, taking into account all pros and cons, we will make our choice.


– It hides the smell of sweat with the help of it’s own, usually pleasant aroma.
– It contains antibacterial substances (triclosan, alcohol, propylene glycol). Due to these substances the smell disappears. But only for a couple of hours.
– It is convenient to use. You can do it anywhere and anytime. Effect is visible immediately.


– It has a different principle of functioning – it removes the flaw instead of hiding it. The salts of aluminum and zinc penetrate into sweat glands and block the appearance of sweat. And you kill two birds with one stone – not only smell, but also sweat stains disappear.
– It functions almost all day.
– It should be applied on clean and dry skin. In other case it won’t work.
– You can use it only once a day. If you use it more often, there is a chance to get irritated skin.

Both of them can be found in the shape of :
– Spray
– Stick
– Gel
– Dry cream
– Roller
They differ not only in the convenience of usage, but I will speak about it later.

So, what should we choose?
Let’s start with the new point of view, which says that antiperspirants are dangerous. I couldn’t skip this information.
As it was mentioned before, antiperspirants contain aluminum salts. They work in such way – hydrochloride gets inside the sweat glands and turns into aluminum hydroxide. It blocks the gland together with sweat production and it’s unnatural.

Our body sweats for a reason. In such way she gets rid of toxins and unnecessary liquid. And, while trying to be well-groomed, you interfere into physiological processes of your body.
Aluminum is considered to be a toxic metal, which can cause many different diseases. Even oncology. It happens because of hormones, particularly estrogen.

Conclusion : it’s only you who can decide what to use. My task is to tell you something and to warn you. Whatever decision you make, here are some of my recommendations :

1. Never use antiperspirant before going in for sports. You will take a shower after, and the unnecessary liquid should leave your body!

2. If to choose the safest option, you can consult scientists, who proved by their scientific research, that roller is the best. And stick is the most dangerous one.

3. It’s really dangerous to use antiperspirant if your skin is irritated.

4. Even if you have found an antiperspirant without aluminum, check the composition anyway. Because sometimes instead of aluminum something worse can be used, for example parabens.

I’ve learned this information not so long ago. And I wonder what you think of it. Do you use them? What do you prefer?

Your Yuli

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