Cosmetology esthics. Cruelty free products.

Decision to refuse from animal products is taken by many people now. Is it the only thing that proves ethical attitude to environment? Of course not. There is one more thing which has gained a lot of popularity recently and it’s called “cruelty free” cosmetics. Have you heard of it?

The main advantage of this cosmetics is the fact that it is not tested on animals!

Is it safe?

Many people are afraid that cosmetics which isn’t tested on living creatures may not be safe. But there is another side of the coin: animals and people belong to the same kingdom, but still are totally different. And there is no guarantee that a cream which is good for a rat will work perfectly on your sensitive skin…

You may have a strong opinion, but it’s important not to be naive. There is a difference between doing something just to keep the facade or being responsible while making your choice. If doing something in order just “to check the box” works for you, then you may simply take the first bottle with the “eco” title on it and that’s it. But if your attitude is way more serious, please, continue reading…

Things you need to look at while buying eco cosmetics.

Let’s start with the country-manufacturer. If the product is made in China, the chance that this product is “cruelty free” is very low. The thing is that the standards in China are very strict and it’s forbidden to sell cosmetics which is not tested on animals. Only exceptions are Honkong and Taiwan.

How not to fall for the bait?

Unfortunately, the majority of eco cosmetics on CIS counters is fake. The rules to get this special eco sign aren’t very strict. That’s why you need to spend your time and check everything by yourself. The PETA list as well as Cruelty Free Kitty may help you. There is even a special application in USA which can check everything for you in couple of seconds just knowing the barcode of the product. But we need to put some efforts.


Many people don’t even know where to look at on the label. There is a list of sighs: Leaf of life, European Union eco label, Green dot, Blue angel, Ozone Friendly CFC Free, Scandinavian swan, Vegan, the Mobius strip.

What are your thoughts on it? Do we need to make such decisions in the sake of saving the planet? In my opinion there is always a chance. It would be great if everyone studied the information carefully and did something for the planet. It may be anything: investment of million of dollars in charity or refusing from unchecked products.

Your YULI.

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Здравствуйте! Есть ещё сайт марпета, на нем удобно проверить тестировался ли продукт на животных, а также веган ли он:)