CrossFit for children

Today, is only theory from me. The theory is for moms and dads who have taught children to sports since childhood. Recently I came across an article about child crossfit on I want to write about crossfit and describe the most common exercises for children, which our Stefania performs (8 years).

Crossfit for children – a functional type of training that develops strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination, adapted to the young age of the athlete. Crossfit training is still not very common among children aged 10-11 years, however, in recent times, many parents more and more often think that their children do not have enough strength and functional training. This was one of the fundamental reasons why children’s crossfit is gaining deserved popularity now. For example, for Stephania , it is much more interesting to do crossfit with me than just doing regular exercises monotonously several times.
Let’s analyze the most accessible complex of crossfit, since the child can perform these exercises at home.

Work with its own weight
So, let’s consider some of the most popular exercises from the category of gymnastic loads, in which young athletes work with their own weight, training muscles and developing strength:

• Pushups from the floor – the most technically simple exercises for the development of pectoral muscles and triceps. It is better for children to start working with a reduced load, putting their knees on the floor, so you will strengthen most of the muscles of the torso and shoulder girdle, and also prepare the musculoskeletal system for heavier work.

• Air squatting with own weight is the most anatomically comfortable exercise for a child’s body to develop leg muscles. The benefits are obvious: developed legs increase strength and improve coordination, as well as improve posture.

• Push-ups in the handstand – quite a complicated, but extremely effective exercise. It should be performed only if you are sure that the child does not have any eye or cardiovascular diseases, as the intraocular and intracranial pressure increases significantly.

• Pushups from the triceps bench – a basic exercise for the development of the triceps. A strong childhood triceps will help you facilitate the implementation of various press exercises in a more adult age. Begin to perform this exercise should be, putting his feet on the floor, and not on the bench, this option is much better suited for children and beginners.

• Burpy and jumping squats – introductory anaerobic type of training exercises. It is worth starting at a comfortable pace for the child, do not rely on the intensity and number of repetitions, you must first put the right technique. A similar story with squatting with jumping.

• Pull-ups on the horizontal bar – “thrust” of your body to the crossbar due to the effort of the biceps and the widest back muscles. Children are encouraged to perform the exercise in full amplitude in order to use the most muscle fibers, increase muscle strength and strengthen the ligaments and tendons.

Complex, which we show on video a little different from the exercises described above. But every time we try to change, so that the workouts are more interesting.)


I wish all moms and dads to be more patience and good health to your kids!
Your Yuli

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