What is a fashion-calendar? New York fashion week.

Have you ever thought of the huge amount of events in the fashion industry and why is everything structured and in order in this world? Who organizes and controls all the processes?

Have you ever heard of the fashion-calendar? If you are really into this topic and are connected with it, for sure you have. But if you are interested in fashion, but not like a pro, probably you haven’t heard of it. Anyway, it’s time to get acquainted with it. I will explain everything to you in simple words.

Fashion Calendar reminds a map and with a help of it you can follow fashion events of the city and check with the dates and time. It came out in 1945 and since that time has come out every two weeks. But how can we conquer and attract the attention of serious people who are deep in their business if you are just a magazine? You may be surprised, bit pink colour was very helpful. We are used to the fact that everything around us is bright and beautiful, but at that time pink colour really stood out.

Who came up with this idea?

Root Feetly wasn’t a genius and hasn’t created anything extraordinary. At that time she was an ordinary student, but she heard the discussion of journalists about the problems with date events and came up with the solution. It helped her to start her blooming career. She moved to New York and lived there with her assistant.

How did the calendar work?

The idea looks simple. Designer who wanted to make an event had to call Root and agree it with her. The main thing was that she was impartial to everyone. The main rule of the calendar was honesty and equality. This approach helper to systemize everything in the fashion world. No chaos, everything was structured perfectly.

You won’t believe it, but Root devoted 70 years of her life to this calendar! And only in 2014 she let CFDA to take this responsibility. This step has made the calendar even more effective.

How is the situation right now?

Everything looks exactly the same as it looked in 1945. The only thing that has changed is format. Fashion Calendar isn’t a pink magazine with nice pages anymore. It’s an Internet portal.

And now please let me know what fashion words have you heard and would like to know what they mean?

Your Yuli

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