What makes an educated person different from the bad mannered one? Avoid these mistakes!

I think that you felt disappointed because of the other person at least once in your life. The person didn’t do anything bad to you, but charm faded away. And believe me someone had the same feeling about you. There are several moments, which can totally destroy your impression of the person. And we all made these mistakes…

1. Movements.

In this point of the list I am talking about gestures, movements, etc. You may be dressed well, but humpy back, extra gestures, etc… All these things are repulsive. Or it simply makes all other positive sides of you less attractive. Or even not visible.


One wrong word can make others question your education. Everything depends on your surrounding. You shouldn’t control every word you say when you are surrounded by friends or family circle. But if you were invited to a special place and there are strangers around you, you should kind your words. Saying something wrong isn’t that bad, but why should you do it if you can avoid it? Just replace some well know words with more advanced ones and it will help you to make a more positive impression.

3. Questions.

There are certain taboo topics or things people don’t talk about. Some of the questions can literally scare people off. When we are surrounded by our nearest and dearest, we don’t really mind our speech and can ask some intimate questions. But besides intimate or sensitive questions there is such thing as being tactful. It is tactless to talk about money or illnesses. Don’t ask extra questions if you don’t know the person well. Don’t try to figure out why he changed his work or moved somewhere. We may not know how open he is about this topic or how pleasant it is to talk about it.

4. Details.

I am not bringing up the topic of style or trends. I am talking about being well groomed and being dressed appropriately. Purses, bags, expensive jewellery – it won’t do any good to your look if it’s completely work out. Sometimes we feel thrifty and don’t want to spend a lot of money on such details. But no matter how much money you spend on these things, they should look appropriate.

And keep in mind that no one will pay attention to your car, cellphone or stunning dress if you are totally illiterate when it comes to manners and behaviour! Are you interested in the etiquette topic? And please let me know – have you made any mistakes from our today’s article? 😉


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