Ambassador of the brand Sisley in Kiev. Master class of Christian Guglietta.

Hello, dear ladies!
Today was an interesting event. ))
I learned a lot of new things, I enjoyed communication, lots of gifts and an unforgettable experience! What was that? It was a closed master class ELLE x Sisley “Rituals of skin care in the spring.”

A little about the program itself.
Moderator: Marianna Partevyan, beauty reactor ELLE.
Speaker: Christian Guglietta is the Ambassador of the Sisley brand in the world. Member of the process of developing new products.
Over 20 years of training celebrities and models of the finer points of care and make-up, Isabel d’Ornano advises. He is the recipient of numerous awards from the magazines ELLE, Vogue, Marie Claire, Madame Figaro. To celebrate the success of the new care of Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream, laureate of ELLE International Beauty Awards, Christian specially arrived in Kiev with a master class. And he told us many secrets, which I am ready to share with you, dear readers!

Christian began with the fact that the Black Rose Skin lineup had a cream, before that there were only a mask and oil. I already wrote about the mask, I repeat that the product is very good! Take a note! I tried the oil today in a master class, now I want to buy and use it as a remedy before bed. Now more about the cream. Cream Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream does not promise to eliminate wrinkles and does not fight skin problems, but promises tone and radiance, as well as instant moisturizing effect, and prolonged. In the composition of the flower water of the May Rose (and in second place), the oil extract of a black rose, shea butter and camellia. Also, this is the first tool in the brand with the use of the technology “water-drop”, i.e. the cream when applied to the skin is converted into micro-drops of water, instantly absorbed and penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis.

Further, Christian demonstrated on the model how to properly prepare the skin for make-up and how to do the make-up with the products from Sisley. The most important thing to remember, Christian said, is that in the morning you need to wash your face WELL, and not just water, but cleansers. A cleanser should be chosen depending on the skin type. Oily and dry skin requires a different pH level. Oily skin is more suitable foaming or gel-like remedy, for example, cleansing gel. Detergent should be selected depending on the type of skin. Oily and dry skin requires a different pH level. Oily skin is more suitable foaming or gel-like remedy with antibacterial action.
And for dry skin it is better to choose foam with a delicate formula and products that do not require flushing, in this case we were shown Milk for washing Sisley. But classic soap is best avoided with any type of skin.

Next step.
Wipe the face with a tonic. So we align the Ph skin.

Then take a roller tool and massage the skin around the eyes, and around the lips. Such movements will help to normalize the circulation of blood and these movements has an anti wrinkle effect.

Next, we apply the cream under the eyes, a separate cream on the face, and separate on the neck. Yes, yes, yes !!! It is important to remember that the skin around the eyes is very delicate and the main face cream is not suitable, so do not experiment, it can lead to premature wrinkles or to irritation on the skin. Christian advises applying the cream slightly with pushing movements.

Next we apply protection with SPF 30 PA +++, in Sisley it’s All Day All Year Cream, which protects your skin all day!

After the protection, we take the base (primer) and apply it over the protection. The base can also be with a tonal base.

Now the skin is ready for the main make-up: foundation, consilor, blush, mascara, etc.

In the evening, it is always necessary to wash off with a make-up remover.

Then apply the cream on the facial contour on the contour around the eyes (under the eyebrows and under the eye stepping back below), the cream CAN NOT be applied to the skin under the eyes (it turns out!).

Night remedy can be a mask of Black Rose Cream Mask or oil from the same series.

Here are some tips from an expert!

Thanks to ELLE Ukraine for the opportunity to attend such an informative master class!
And the Sisley brand for such a good product! See you soon !!

Yours YULI

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