Your guide to choosing the right bra. What do you need bra for?

This element of the wardrobe performs different functions for different people – it can hide the niples or support your breast. Both are good things. But the main function of bra is the protection of breast, especially big breast.

And I highly recommend you not to skip this thing. Because sometimes the girl can be dressed well and with taste, but the wrong bra can spoil the whole picture. It’s not easy to choose the right bra, but quite possible if you have the necessary information.

1. Learn your size.

It can happen when the lady turns 30 or even 40 and doesn’t know the size of her breast. This information is important, but you can’t fully rely on it because different lingerie manufacturers can have different sizes. But it’s still very important to measure yourself. How?
The majority may think that standing straight is enough when you measure yourself. Unfortunately, no. You will need 2 measurements – straight position and tilted position. The average will be yourself. How?

2. Learn your breasts type.

Knowing your size is only one half, because the shape of your breast also matters. We all have different shapes: narrow, wide, small, big.

-For example, ladies with small breast can sometimes replace bra with silicone cups.

-But it’s not a good idea to do the same if you have big breasts. It’s not really good for your health. Big breasts should be supported.

-If you have narrow shape of breasts, avoid huge volume of cups. It can spoil the whole picture.

Here are other recommendations which can also help.

1. In order to avoid problems with bra in the future shove two fingers under the clasp. Everything is ok when you can do it easily.

2. When you buy new bra, in the beginning use the nearest clasp. When it stretches a little bit in the future, you will be able to tighten it.

3. Pay attention to the material. Bra is on your body for the whole day and it is in contact with the most important parts of your body. Sebaceous glands, lymph nodes,etc. are located in our breast. And if you want to be healthy, I highly recommend you to choose underwater which is not just beautiful, but also made of natural materials. There are many brands, which combine both features.

4. There should be at least one basic bra in your wardrobe. It shouldn’t be black or white, I am talking about the beige one. It should match your skin tone.

I recommend you to try on all of your bras today and make sure that you feel comfortable in them. And if you don’t feel great wearing them, then just get rid of them. You should love and respect yourself,so why not to start with small things? And now I have quite weird, but interesting question for you: How many bras do you have and how many of them do you wear on regular basis?

Your Yuli

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