Everything you need to know when you choose tights.

It’s not so warm outside, but the desire to wear skirts is already strong, do you agree? Tights can help you in this tricky situation. It’s such a small detail, but it can play an important part in your look. So, what do you need to pay attention to and how to make a right choice? Today we will figure it out.
First of all let’s see what kinds of tights exist. They are devided by color and density.


There is nothing really interesting here. Tights can be from 5 to 200 den. There are no special rules of style here. The weather will help you to make a right choice in this case.
Now let’s move to colors.

Flesh color tights.

This color is very popular and very universal. Usually they don’t attract lots of attention and are almost invisible. In any case you need to know certain criteria of choice.
-Choose the shade which is similar to your skin tone. You can check it by the skin tone on your hand.
-Never buy glittery tights. By the way, not only in case of flesh color tights. It’s really far from style and spoils the look.

Black tights.

They have the second place in the scale of popularity. Usually people wear black tights when it’s cold or cool outside – in autumn, winter and early spring.
-If you are wearing black tights, try to wear something colorful on your upper body. Of course, if you didn’t want to have total black look.
-Tights shouldn’t be darker than the shoes.
-Remember that black tights emphasize the flaws.
-But also remember that black tights make you look slender.

Colorful tights.

It’s a relatively new and fresh trand. It’s an option for brave ladies. And definitely not an option for the office. The amount of events which will be appropriate for them is quite limited, maybe some photosessions… Anyway, be careful while making new looks with colorful tights. Don’t go overboard.

Mokko and grey.

It’s a good alternative to black color. Looks guite official, but not banal and gloomy.
-You can combine them with almost everything.
-If you don’t have perfect body, be careful with them, they can distort the body lines.

There is one more category of tights with accessories – spiffy tights.

It’s a tricky topic, to be honest. And it’s hard to find the right place to apply it. But it also has the right to exist.

Here is a couple of recommendations:
-Don’t forget to pay attention to size. Too big or too small – both options are bad.
-In cold seasons choose tights which contain microfiber.
-Speaking about composition – the percentage of elastan should be not less than 7%!
-If no one has heard about it, I will reveal a secret. Always have with you transparent nail polish, it will help you to solve the problem of pulls.

So, what’s important for you in choosing tights? Will you be interested if I divide the tights according to their price categories?
Your Yuli

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