How to replace certain products?

Today we are coming back to a very important question – nutrition. The pieces of advice, which I have given in the previous articles, were useful for may of you. But I have also received many questions from people who don’t want to have severe food restrictions, or the ones who really love cooking and feel desire to do it when they are at home. So, ladies and gentlemen, let’s cook and let’s be smart while doing it.

Replacement of products.

It’s not a secret that nowadays people have found the alternative to unhealthy dishes. Some time ago I wasn’t interested in this topic but everything had changed when I decided to try some new dishes. I have realized that we can experiment with different options!

What to replace with?

First of all you need to answer the question: What products should we refuse from? The list is pretty much the same for everyone: sweets, fatty food, dairy, bakery … Now let’s go into details and discuss each point.


Who has said that you can’t eat bakery? Yes, it’s true that wheat flour isn’t the best friend of your body. But it’s not a big deal because you can buy oat, rice, coconut, corn flour, etc. Yes, the price of this flour is higher, but there is also an option to make such flour at home. Coffee grinder and oatmeal can easily turn into flour. The only negative side of it is the difficulty in cooking, especially for those who are not pros in this thing. You can start with small portions for yourself, and then try something for the whole family.


Now, I won’t tell you anything about sweeteners. To be honest, I am not the fan of them. We are not going to look for a way to cook something with zero calorific value. Our goal is healthy eating. White sugar has some natural competitors. For example, coconut sugar. You might have heard about it and you may wonder what’s so special about it and how it differs from the standard one. Yes, there is a difference and it it is glycemic index. I won’t give you a serious scientific explanation right now, I will probably write an article about it later. The main thing is that GI of coconut sugar is way lower! And this is the main benefit taking into account that the taste is almost the same.

I am not going to advise you fruits saying that they are better than candies. The main message of this article is that you can continue eating your favourite desserts and making them healthier by replacing the ingredients! We can do it by using fruits instead of sugar. Let’s take a banana as an example. It is great for baking, pancakes, etc. Or you can eat dark chocolate with dried fruits such as dates and prunes. It is a good replacement of candies. And of course don’t forget about honey!


Who said that we need to get rid of fats and fully replace them with something dry and dietary. We need fats! And we need good fats. We can fry food using coconut or olive oil. Other oils turn into poison while heating. You can use vegetable cream, nuts pastes as a source of fats. Don’t forget to season your food with different oils.


Should we eat dairy? Well, it’s a tricky question. This is a question to your doctor. But one thing I know for sure – whole milk is not good for us. Dairy products are more useful and healthy and it’s a whole separate topic. Anyway, everything can be replaced, e.g. we can take tofu instead of regular cheese, vegetable milk instead of cream and milk. Soya milk is the greatest alternative to cow milk. Cream cheese may be easily replaced with hummus. There is also an option of lactose free products.
And here is the most interesting part – recipes!

I have picked two most interesting recipes which I have tried recently.

1. Fruit bread.

This is the recipe for bakery fans. We will use all kinds of flour but not the wheat one. Or you can even take cereals. Then we take fruits, for example, banana and add nuts or dried fruits, it depends on what you like. Mix all the ingredients and put it in the oven. Your pie will be ready in 30 minutes. You can eat it for breakfast or it can be a perfect snack. But be careful with it, the calorific value is quite high.

2. Banana ice-cream.

This recipe offers you great opportunity to use your fantasy and experiment with the ingredients. Banana can be a perfect base. If you want to dicrease the amount of calories, use vegetable milk, if you don’t worry about calories, try coconut cream. Freeze 1-1.5 banana. Take it from the freezer and blend it with whatever you like. If you want to decorate your fish, use nuts or coconut chips, spices, etc.

Have you tried something from healthy eating desserts? Share your recipes and also let me know what products you can replace, and which you love that much that you simply can’t refuse from them?

Your Yuli

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