Our body’s check-up. What to do and what is included?

Health’s check-up actually means total medical check-up. In the majority of cases people avoid visiting the doctor, even if something seriously bothers them. Sometimes people even ignore some signals of their body. If you don’t want one day to become your last day simply because you forgot to attend the doctor one day, then read the article!

What does it mean – “on time”? If nothing really bothers you, then it’s recommended to have a full check-up 1 or 2 times a year. Now let’s go into details…

1. CBC.

This is the most important step! Many people think that CBC will give you all information about the condition of the body. But it isn’t so! It’s only a first step of check-up. Blood analysis which things you should pay your attention to and what additional analysis to make. Don’t draw any conclusions by yourself as soon as you get the results, blood analysis results should be discussed with the therapeutist!

2. Therapeutist.

Therapeutist won’t tell you a lot and won’t help to solve all the problems. But he will explain you the results of your analysis, will make a general check-up and will help to see certain problems. Don’t skip the step of visiting the therapeutist. Also don’t forget to take with you the previous results of the analysis for comparison.

3. Examination of moles.

Only some people think about the importance of this moment. But sometimes a tiny mole can be the reason of human’s death. Especially it is relatable for sunbathing lovers! It is impossible to find the suspicious moles on your body without doctor’s help.

4. Condition of your liver.

Don’t wait until it starts aching. When the ones feels a strong liverache, it means that the condition is critical. Liver is the filter of our body. All sins in terms of eating and nutrition immediately reflect on it. The main analysis you will need are PFC marker, metabolism regulators, thyroid-stimulating hormone,Thyroperoxidase Antibodies (ATPO), insulin, prolactin, renal homocysteine, insulin resistance index, glycated hemoglobin.

5. Gynecologist-endocrinologist.

This is a purely female topic. But I decided that the majority of my audience is women and I need to pay special attention to this. Note that I haven’t simply written gynecologist. These are two different things. We need a person who will not only conduct a routine examination, but will check out hormonal levels with you. A person who understands the female body deeply.

What is the most appropriate period?

It’s never too late or to early to examine your body. But now the time is just perfect! Why? Summer is a period of vacations, change of the day’s schedule, spending time under the sun, etc. A whole list of factors that can spoil your health. And it’s great to check how your body coped with all this set of negative factors by the end of season.

Do you have a full body check-up without a particular reason? And how often do you do it?

Your Yuli

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