Hair keratin

2020-01-10T21:11:13+00:00January 10, 2020|Beauty|

I have been asked recently about my opinion on the usage of keratin and my experience with it. My answer is no, I have never tried to straighten my hair with keratin. Even more, keratin [...]

5 daily beauty rituals!

2020-01-03T21:06:49+00:00January 3, 2020|Beauty|

So, ladies. It's the third of January and it's time to change your life and make all your New Year resolutions come true! If among these New Year resolutions you had a point about self-care, [...]

Beauty trends of 2020

2019-12-20T21:09:04+00:00December 20, 2019|Beauty|

We have finally reached almost last beauty posts of this year. And this is a perfect moment to discuss the trends of the upcoming year. Huge sales and discounts are everywhere and you definitely have [...]

Men skin care mistakes.

2019-11-23T07:06:39+00:00November 22, 2019|Beauty|

Yes, this is a beauty article and it's written for men. We talk about the ladies and they beauty care constantly. That's why I want to pay attention to men, because there is not so [...]