Bronze skin without UV. Everything you need to know about tanning.

Some time ago we couldn’t even think that we don’t need to sunbathe for ours in order to get a perfect tone. Maybe this knowledge could make the amount of oncology cases way smaller… And of course, if we travel to the past, like 40-50 years ago, we will see that not all the time someone wanted to make skin darker on purpose! Remember, perfectly white skin was of a high value! But we will speak about present and discuss the tanning – a very popular beauty product nowadays.

What is that?
First of all I need to tell you that there are different kinds of tanning. You shouldn’t mix them because they serve different purposes. Yes, they will make your skin look darker, but they work differently. They are called tanning and bronzant.

It belongs to decorative cosmetics. You simply apply if in your body and get the colour. Then you easily wash it off with water.

Dihydroxyacetone. It is important in this way of getting tanned. The active component doesn’t colour your skin, it chemically forces it to change the colour.

Yes, now it is available in different formats. You may choose the one which is the most convenient for you. It can be cream, lotion,spray, pills. Lotion has a reputation of the most popular one.

How to use it?
Firstly you need to prepare your skin before any procedure. There won’t be any difference from other manipulations. Let’s start with the fact that skin should be perfectly clean. That’s why do it after the shower. I recommend you to use protective gloves of you want to avoid orange palms.

Also take care of your hair. Be sure that you put it in a bun or make a tail if you don’t want to wash your hair in vain. To make the process more smooth, moisture your skin in advance. It’s gonna be great if someone can help you. It is really hard to do it by yourself and carefully.

Apply the product in circular motions. And also do it fast. If you take too long, you can get orange spots all over your body. Try to apply it evenly on all parts of the body, especially pay your attention to some hard-to-reach zones like elbows,knees, palms,etc. They may be problematic.

What goes next?
If you think that it will be a fast thing to do,I might disappoint you. You need to think everything through in advance, because you need to let product soak in. Also avoid putting clothes on immediately, there is a risk to spoil something. Attention! Avoid contact with water for 5-6 hours!

How long does the result last?
Well, it depends on the quality of tanning. In general, the term is 5 days. Obviously, by the end of these 5 days the result will start to fade out so you may repeat the procedure in order to refresh your look.

How to choose it?
Yes, this can be a problem because the choice is huge. Tanning, just like any other cosmetics, exists in all possible forms and prices – from mass market brands to lux cosmetics. As you understand, I can’t name the price exactly. There is no need to buy the most expensive product, but you also shouldn’t be super thrifty when it comes to your skin.

Do you use tanning? Or you are not afraid of UV rays and you prefer natural look? Or maybe you are a fan of white and pale skin?

Your Yuli.

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